Leaving Home Poem by John A'Hern

Leaving Home

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Moving through life, choices are presented
Sometimes where we live is decided for us.
Then there comes the mortgage journey
Sometimes one and other times many.

Build your home one that fits the bill
Then there comes that amazing day
In we go without delay.
As time goes by we change our jobs
Sell the house and move your belongings.

Now the memories cloud our judgement
Each room we visit brings them back to us.
Become emotional wrecks as we step back in time
Each room tells a story of time gone by
Do you remember? Yes, we remember.

The children's bedrooms bring the tears
Hold each other and remember quietly.
As we close our front door for the last time
We say goodbye to our good friend
Thank you for sheltering and providing for us.

Turn and look back just the once, hearts they sink
For days to come we cry without reason.
New home it beckons
Give me a chance it seems to say
We settle down for another stay.

The children settle in life and a new School
For them, this is just another of life's moves.
Then there came that fateful day, a job offer but it was far away
We speak in quiet tones
Promises to follow to the end of the World if needed.

Our home our family all came to the fore
We left our Parents Sister's Brother's and friends
The emotion almost too much to bare
We settled into our Australian home.

We visit the land of our birth frequently
Walk past Family homes looking for a change.
Still, as we left you our dear homes
We love our dear homeland and our new Country too.

Our children have settled and have homes of their own
We sit in ours and dream of what's gone.
We have fallen in love with this home of ours
We hope it is the last and that is all that matters.

Sunday, November 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: home,homesick,love and life
Moving house, sometimes following your dreams or a new career. Looking back at these times we realise that our homes were seen as friends. Homesickness also plays a role in these adventures.
Kathy Van Kurin 02 December 2016

John A'Hern, I just read a second writing of yours, if that is ok. Life is all about transition it seems. I know that It has been for me. Homes come and go, people too, stages within nature and our health. This poem spoke to the reality of how impossible it us to permanently possess material things. But our hearts message is a inner voice of love, family and relationships within the soul and without. Blessings to you..............Kathy

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John Ahern 03 December 2016

Hi Kathy, thank you so much for your feedback as well as finding the time to read my poem. Your feedback shows that you understood the poem itself, thank you for that.

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