Journey Ends Poem by John A'Hern

Journey Ends

Travel with the Woman of your dreams
Fell in love, she understood
Moods inherited from whom?
Loves to buy shoes must be bargains of course
Joined in dreams and made dreams happen,
Loves cooking for enjoyment not as necessity.

Travel by car lots of stops and scenes
Need home from home comfort,
Sometimes good other times perfect
Then there are those wishing not here places.

Reach planned destination
Looking at views balcony perched,
Time for a walk and people watching
Outrageous fashions of young folk today
Forgetting we were outrageous in our own way.

Bedtime calls weary from efforts, all-quiet in this district,
Spoke to soon as drunken singing beckons
Like the sirens of the Sea.
Lay awake waiting for the singing to stop
Fall back to sleep then wake to the Sun shining.

The morning is time for our coffee
More food decisions breakfast time beckons.
Time to leave is always a sad occasion
Back in the car turn navigation device on,
Entertainment can come from strange happenings.

Navigation device insists on a right turning
None in sight for several hours.
Device now throws a hissy fit
Turn around at once it insists,
Laughing at suggestion you disable it.

Now near our Castle, smiles all round
Sitting with glass of wine in hand,
What did we do differently? Both laugh,
Happy you are home again
Time to relax and reflect your travels.

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: dream,meeting,together,travel
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