John A'Hern Poems

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Walls Have Ears

The words echo, walls have ears
Echoes around the centuries not absurd
My Pisces ways have me believing
From childhood to where I am today

The Wooden Gate

the old dirt path that led to home
familiar surroundings all overgrown
the home now a shell of what was once
the picket fence in disrepair laid where it had fallen

Inner Self Pays A Visit

Another day over, or so I thought,
tap on shoulder demanding attention,
brought thoughts, inner thoughts,
stood quite still knowing the scene.

Chance Encounter

Walking the amazing coastline,
Cup of coffee in the local Café
Sitting, observing people passing
Checking on dress sense today,

Story Teller Memories

Grandfather, viewed through a child's eyes,
Approach a room the door always closed.
Sitting in the room in darkness
Except for dappled window light

Innocent Email

Innocent email arrived today
From a friend not far away
The content read, then read again
Just saying hello and how are you

Change Of Status

Status in life changes day by day
Promotion, it seems may come your way
Grandchildren, visit always a pleasure
Older versions, still a treasure.


My grumpy old man side is visiting again
Moaning and groaning, the usual things
Why is this? Why is that?
Questions, questions, flowing fast

Pathways Between Desks

They strode the pathway between the desks
Looking, watching for mistakes
Occasional stops whispered words
In charge of their domain keeping silence

Revisit The Hill

Stumbling up a favourite hill
A day like no other listening to the distant thunder
The top it waits there challenging still
Thoughts and memories collide

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