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The words echo, walls have ears
Echoes around the centuries not absurd
My Pisces ways have me believing
From childhood to where I am today

the old dirt path that led to home
familiar surroundings all overgrown
the home now a shell of what was once
the picket fence in disrepair laid where it had fallen

Another day over, or so I thought,
tap on shoulder demanding attention,
brought thoughts, inner thoughts,
stood quite still knowing the scene.

Walking the amazing coastline,
Cup of coffee in the local Café
Sitting, observing people passing
Checking on dress sense today,

Grandfather, viewed through a child's eyes,
Approach a room the door always closed.
Sitting in the room in darkness
Except for dappled window light

Innocent email arrived today
From a friend not far away
The content read, then read again
Just saying hello and how are you

Status in life changes day by day
Promotion, it seems may come your way
Grandchildren, visit always a pleasure
Older versions, still a treasure.

My grumpy old man side is visiting again
Moaning and groaning, the usual things
Why is this? Why is that?
Questions, questions, flowing fast

They strode the pathway between the desks
Looking, watching for mistakes
Occasional stops whispered words
In charge of their domain keeping silence

Stumbling up a favourite hill
A day like no other listening to the distant thunder
The top it waits there challenging still
Thoughts and memories collide

So many memories, so many times
Saying hello, then goodbye.
Worn out from a farewell tour
Family and Friends all gathered for sure

yesterday's cascade into todays
no turn off switch they tumble into place
the cause, a word, a scene no explanation given
avalanche covering, defences smashed down

Teenage dreams of going places
Pocket money few and far traces.
A job delivering morning papers
The newspaper and magazine shop a browsing caper.

A familiar street waits to greet,
Scenery not changed, the same terraced houses
Front doors reaching out to welcome you.
First home together, dreams fulfilled,

Hands so often misunderstood
Sign language used not always for good
Waved around in angry mode
Waved in hello greetings

Bus stops the places of dreams
Nightmares for some it seems
Some have seats others do not
Weather inclement is it a plot

Sitting on a park bench contemplating life
good and bad and sometimes in strife,
sometimes a smile, followed by a frown
on it goes hour after hour.

Decisions, decisions by the score
A crossroad appears different than those known before
No signposts to help, inner self has deserted
The decisions made will affect life as known

Feelings flow when hands touch
attraction felt, love or friendship
Sometimes distraction, used when speaking
hidden from view, what is this action?

Day to day not normal events
We can sometimes control their intent
Tomorrow is waiting for the unwary
You love your life there is no dreary

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Walls Have Ears

The words echo, walls have ears
Echoes around the centuries not absurd
My Pisces ways have me believing
From childhood to where I am today
Days when food was in short supply
Mother became a magician at meal times
The kitchen table was quieter than normal
I was often banned to my bedroom
Appreciate what you have, met with quiet disapproval
My bedroom was my kingdom full of imaginary friends
Noise of conversation brought my parents to the scene
Fathers head appeared through a half open door
Looked and left me to my own World once more
Mother checked giving me the look
She held out her arms inviting comfort
Be careful of words and how they are spoken
These walls have ears that listen and hold them
My invisible friends all nodded in agreement
My punishment room was really a treasure
Friends came and went the door frequently opened
Now later in life as I think of these times
I feel I have deserted them these friends of mine
On occasions when waking from dreams
Laughter is slowly fading but I can hear
I utter some words then hear a closing door

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Jane Campion 04 August 2019

A poet who takes his poetry seriously.

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