Inner Self Pays A Visit Poem by John A'Hern

Inner Self Pays A Visit

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Another day over, or so I thought,
tap on shoulder demanding attention,
brought thoughts, inner thoughts,
stood quite still knowing the scene.
A voice now demanding attention
came from within my very being.
My inner self-had come to see me,
hold on tightly, here comes some strife.
G'day my friend, remember me?
deep breaths followed, from inner soul.
laughter rang out, certainly not mine
my inner self-was loose.
Tried to ignore as best I can,
taps on the shoulder were now in my head.
Remember me? remember me?
a voice much louder and angry as can be.
What do you want? I gave in,
yet more laughter at my plight.
What are you up to? can I join in?
The answer, answer, or there will be!
Be what, my thought and answer,
Inner voice angry and out of control
do not mess with me my always friend
I live within your body and soul,
like a Genie, I come and go.
Go back in your bottle if a genie you be,
go back. Go back! Do not mess with me.
A troubled mind brings me to life
spit it out, what causes your strife?
Age and weariness dragging me down,
depths of despair as I look around.
I do soothing as well as despair,
came the voice of inner repair.
Here if you need me, a voice from within,
I know, I know I said to myself.
Calmness overcame my thoughts
Night time, I fall asleep as was the norm.
Awoke after night full of dreams,
my inner self still fast asleep
stood and stretched ready for another day
walk slowly and quietly and keep it at bay.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: calm,despair,inner voice,thoughts,uncertainty
One of those days where we need to have a chat with ourselves, my inner self was not in a very good mood. All ended well. I also have conversations with myself as to what is prose and what is a poem, lots of advice to help me on the internet, will get there one day.
Cigeng Zhang 10 March 2017

John, you communicated with yourself in a poetic way, very beautiful.As a poet, it's lucky to have a pen to voice out the inner feelings. Me too, often visit myself when I feel lonely and sad. I much enjoyed reading the poem. Thank you for sharing your inner self.

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Kathy Van Kurin 04 December 2016

John A'Hern do not mess with me my always friend I live within your body. I come and go' This is for the me the central meaning to your wonderful poem regarding the intricacies of the inner workings of what it means to be human. Why do we care about the things we do? Where does the struggle come from? If we were not meant to be of more than a machine or a chance happening would we care? Loved your analytical writing albeit your focus may of been different. thanks for letting me rant. Blessings to you. Kathy

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John Ahern 04 December 2016

Hi Kathy, rant away, it is where our poems come from. The poem comes from the age old habit of talking to yourself, quietly or out loud. Once again great feedback, thank you.

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Mahtab Bangalee 10 February 2020

I do soothing as well as despair, came the voice of inner repair. Here if you need me, a voice from within, I know, I know I said to myself. /// beautiful introspective writings; really a poignant poem

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Chinedu Dike 09 September 2019

A poignant introspective piece of poetry, well articulated and elegantly brought forth with clarity of thought. A work of an intricate mind. Thanks for sharing, John.

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John Ahern 10 September 2019

Thank you for your feedback, it is always appreciated.

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Bri Edwards 31 July 2018

(cont.) this has been one of the VERY MOST entertaining and well-done poems i've read, .....since i read one of mine once! i hope i remember to put this in a showcase later this year! maybe my inner self will help to remind me! ? i want to share this with others! ! Thanks. bri ;)

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John Ahern 02 August 2018

Hi Bri, thank you for your feedback and feelings about this poem. (Cont) threw me for a moment, easy to do these days. I take the credit for my prose poems, it is really my inner self that deserves the credit, my inner self comes up with the memory or moment ideas I just bring them to life.

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Bri Edwards 31 July 2018

(cont.) *** zing·er ˈziNGər/ noun North American informal noun: zinger a striking or amusing remark. synonyms: witticism, quip, joke; More criticism, dig, poke an outstanding person or thing (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 31 July 2018

(cont.) AND another 'zinger' ***! ! ! : I do soothing as well as despair, came the voice of inner repair. [ my mom, when i was about 12, didn't like when my older sister started to use do in front of a noun to make the do + noun combination into a verb e.g. do dishes, do despair. (something like that, using do) (cont.)

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