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~let's Remove Your Rotten Heart~

I'd like to tie a tourniquet
around your wounded heart
and watch until the blood
stops dripping
then I would cut away the mangled mass
of decaying vessels that hang
below the pulsing mound of life.

Perhaps then you could begin,
begin to feel, begin to love,

begin to live.
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Raynette Eitel 29 May 2006

Mary, I probably haven't read everything you've posted, but this is the strongest poem I've read of yours. It is well-done. The imagery is strong, the anger and pain lett unnamed; yet the reader really feels it. That's what a good poem is all about. Good work. Raynette

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Joseph Daly 29 May 2006

A powerful feel to this one Mary. The economy that you employ is great, you avoid imposing too much of yourself onto this. It is works such as this that cry out to be laid out as a structure -allowiing the piece to be planned. Unfortunately all PH allows for is left-justification. Ah well, it doesn't detract from the impact of the piece.

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Dee Daffodil 29 May 2006

Mary...This is a very strong poem, and sounds to me to be aimed at someone you care dearly about. The imagery made my skin crawl (perhaps a decendant of Poe's? ?) Hugs, Dee

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Uriah Hamilton 29 May 2006

The wounded heart needs such help, good write, Mary.

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, , , , , , 29 May 2006

Yo lady, this was a great poem, and enjoyed.

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