Letter To My Unborn Son Poem by Pen Anthony

Letter To My Unborn Son

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Dear son
One day you'll be able to read
I hope you read this

I have lived
Not so many years
But i have lived many days
While you read this
My view on life might be different.

But at present
I want you to know
That saying thank you or sorry
May melt a cold heart.

Son live not only for yourself
Never look down on the poor
Arm yourself with faith and hope
You'll need them.

Before this becomes too long and boring
Remember no matter how long you live
You'll be dead longer
So live your life and enjoy every sunset
They're amazing.

Also i don't think you'll read this soon
Because I'm still searching for a mother for you.

Monday, July 13, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: life,love
Kim Barney 05 October 2016

Great advice to your son. May you be able to tell him this face to face some day.

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Pen Anthony 23 July 2015

Thank you Juma and Nyota

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Abdalla Juma Shenga 15 July 2015

Good advice for your unborn son. hope u find the mother soon

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Pen Anthony 23 July 2015

Asante kaka.

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