Letter...To The Woman He Loves…from The Man She Hates Poem by Ernest Makuakua

Letter...To The Woman He Loves…from The Man She Hates

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Dear my love
Dear my one
Dear my soul mate
Dear my better half
Dear I'm a writer and never will i stop this
Dear my wife
Dear love

This is my letter to you
Yes yesterday you didn't know Probably not sure if i really loved you But I did I Do, yes I still do
Today far as you seem To be I love you
Tomorrow still the heart Destroyed still yells and screams for You
Questions it asks when will you return To restore it Just like water restores Dry plants about to die

Like the Waterfalls of The Mountains and forests that create Wonderful Landscapes
Please give me a scope…
This lens is about to make a clear View of this Wonderful Image that nobody seems to see… the focus so sure it will give a clear meaning to those who can relate and read

Like Roses when they are about to Blom The beauty of it as it comes
Hello dear Even Desert Would need water sometimes Yet the sun shines and heats deep The trees grow how its unknown But Because of love It exists

You see
As fish in the sea cant live without Water how will I live without you
Rib of my rib Flesh of my flesh Dust of my dust
Let me embrace this colour
Be it RED or Rainbow Life it will represent

Like plants exist without roots never will they grow so as The soil will the plants be ploughed
So as the importance of this togetherness easy it cannot be to move away from you
Like the ocean needs the sand so do i need you

I Love You Period
Just you and that's it.
Signed. Sealed, and sent

To the Woman he loves from the man she hates

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
When you love though you've been rejected. Unconditional love its called
Ernest Makuakua 21 September 2016

Pleasure my Friend Very much Appreciated

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Ernest Makuakua 21 September 2016

Thanks very much appreciated My friend

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Anne Yun 21 September 2016

To the woman he loves, from the man she hates. Interesting title. Isn't the distance of her hatred make you eager for her the most? In fact, i don't think a woman would hate a man who truely loves her, she is either testing and waiting or keeping distance in order not to hurt... Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing my friend

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