Liar Poem by Lacie Wasserman


Liar liar pants on fire, hanging from a telephone wire. The pissl go down and you get higher. You dirty little liar. Truth be told I miss you. Truth be told I'm lieing. I lie. You lie. Its human nature. Cant stop it. You dont even try. Its a habit. You tell me you love me. Liar. I dont want to hear it. Not unless its true. I dont use that term lightly. Love. Its so hard to understand. It hurts you so bad you cant take it any more. You watn to give up. Enough lieing. Enough crying over someone who doesnt care. When I say I love you, I MEAN IT! I dont care if you dont belive me. Its the truth. The truth sucks doesnt it? The truth hurts. Id scream it to the world if I could. So everyone would know. I love you! Liar liar pants on fire. The pills you drank go down, and you get higher.

Deborah Cromer 11 June 2009

Truth be told I'm lying. I love that phrase. I like how you break things down, piece by piece and then make a whole out of it. Keep all your work, you will have great material to work with sometime/someday sooner than you might know. Keep all your writings. Even if you don't like them. Ideas, one liners, everything. Keep it. Some of my best poems, are made up from 'scraps' from years ago. Notebook, shoebox, dresser drawer...One place, for anything to do with your writing.

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