Empty Promises Poem by Lacie Wasserman

Empty Promises

Rating: 4.8

You said you were sure. It wasnt what I thought.
That was a lie. You were fake.
But I believed you and took a higher stake.
You whispered little nothings in my ear.
I mistook them for big somethings.
You and your empty promises.
It was me who was bidding on something I couldnt win.
Your heart.
I found out things I wish I would have known from the start before.
Just you and your thoughts to score.
Tired of being let down. Hopeing I was makeing you proud.
Believing your silly nothings. Beliving your lies.
So I say good bye.
To you and your empty promises.


Empty promises exist in empty eyes that never lie.10.

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Sandra Martyres 04 July 2009

Lacie that was a truly beautiful piece...Keep writing you are a very talented young lady - along the way you will learn to identify the true from the less true....10+++

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Anjali Sinha 04 July 2009

simply awesome! ! ! ! ! for someone so young as you -10 anjali

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Deborah Cromer 04 July 2009

Empty mind, empty heart, empty thoughts, but full of themselves. Meet too many of these type people and you learn to spot them right away. :) DC

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Clayton Young 29 June 2009

Interesting it seem that yousea lot of the same vocab and descriptions that i like to use myself, Beatiful write keep it up

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Chhavi Anupam 28 June 2009

well expressed Lacie keep it up!

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