Life And Life Poem by suja nair

Life And Life

It was when I looked into your eyes, i saw the want in you,
The hunger in your words, the deep thirst in you,
When I realized, that I really don't love you,
I wanted you, but no more, i just want you out of my life.

I cant give an answer to why is it so, why do I feel so,
I just feel it, its enough, enough of all the sacrifice,
I just, must live, live for myself, for me alone,
Its not worth living for someone who feel everything
after its too late, after all the emotions in me are dead,

I want to be away, I want to be free, I just want to go away
Live my life my way, Live with my thoughts, Live for me,
I don't want to exist anymore with you around, Life is to be enjoyed
I want it, without any burden, without any bondage.

Where was I all these years, What happened to my life,
Where did I waste it, or did i do really something for someone,
Someone who can really understand me, I am sure its not you,
now when the best days have gone by, and you are left with nothing
You come down to me, and ask my want to live again

And I want to just live by myself, No one is worth it,
No one is worth the trouble of sacrifice
The lesson I learn t in my life, sacrifice, not at the
cost of your life 'cause you and only you can be happy......

Seema Roy 20 August 2014

Y angry with u r love. Lovly lines.

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