Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,486 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Life Is Musical - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Politicians are overwhelmingly influential,
Demons are hideously diabolical,
Fish are gorgeously continental,
Panthers are savagely cannibal,
Flowers are wonderfully natural,
Forests are exotically mystical,
Manipulative are stringently tyrannical,
Earth is intriguingly elliptical,
Dreams are tantalizingly surreal,
Economy is monotonously fiscal,
Artists are esoterically whimsical,
Villagers are rustically local,
Meditators are profoundly stoical,
Priests are devotedly ecclesiastical,
Learned are insatiably philosophical,
Lecherous are irrevocably clerical,
Philanthropists are amiably social,
Maelstroms are tumultuously radical,
Eyesight is beautifully focal,
Soil is ravishingly real,
Innovators are stupendously sensational,
Summits are panoramically phenomenal,
Frustrated are inevitably lackadaisical,
Castles are grandiloquently palatial,
Rats are an irascible squeal,
Relationships are unbelievably special,
Ambitions are indispensably consequential,
Romance is passionately torrential,
Princes are majestically regal,
Talents are bountifully integral,
Scorpions are acridly lethal,
Bloodshed is devastatingly fatal,
Survival is essentially fundamental,
Lies are living burial,
Explorations are innately trial,
Nightingales are charismatically rhetorical,
Tombs are morosely memorial,
Simplicity is intransigently ideal,
Mankind is perennially central,
Traditions are blissfully primordial,
Mushrooms are innocuously congenial,
Owls are ominously nocturnal,
Blisters are horrendously external,
Devils are solely physical,
Resemblance's are amazingly accidental,
Rates are vacillatingly quotational,
Bad are always optional,
Assassins are obliviously cremational,
Hatred is shattering interval,
Staunchness is inherently rural,
Force is ghastly denial,
Ambiguity is sleazily dual,
Superficiality is supremely facial,
Clowns are wholeheartedly jovial,
Diffident are indefatigably skeptical,
Happiness is celestially floral,
Imprisonment is an traumatizing ordeal,
Faithfulness is an everlasting moral,
Tangible are inevitably mortal,
God is perpetually immortal,
Unity is timelessly eternal,
Addiction is obsessively habitual,
Thoughts are royally pictorial,
Genes are ostensibly racial,
Universe is marvelously total,
Time is unavoidably alluvial,
Devotion is magnanimously cathedral,
Lasers are contemporarily digital,
Thrones are glitteringly imperial,
Encounters are puristically circumstantial,
Grasslands are placidly pastoral,
Infidelity is mockingly neonatal,
Humanity is irrefutably vital,
Blessings are exuberantly instrumental,
Adventures are euphorically inspirational,
Philanderers are alluringly bilingual,
Success is thoroughly motivational,
Separation is tragically emotional,
Assimilation is incessantly educational,
Patriotism is ebulliently national,
Peace is divinely international,
Goodwill is symbiotically rational,
Greedy are disastrously nominal,
Indigenous are intrinsically tribal,
Jokes are capriciously trivial,
Oppressors are brutally satirical,
Robots are astoundingly mechanical,
Oceans are fantastically tidal,
Fairies are impeccably sensual,
Earth is incredibly substantial,
Bees are rambunctiously vocal,
Cuckoos are austerely punctual,
Diseases are cripplingly sabbatical,
Bullets are venomously cylindrical,
Seductresses are profusely ornamental,
Alphabets are harmoniously sequential,
Wink is a flirtatious signal,
Love is immortally magical,
And life is enchantingly musical.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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