Life Time Contract Poem by Stan Rodriguez

Life Time Contract

Don't make me ask you twice—you saw me coming…
Your dreams informed you—yesterday's ago
when you were looking for a face to kiss—ears talk to
and a body to embrace, in your loneliness.

Someone to complete you—your travels
through this path called life and
some call hell, which ever fits the calling of the day.

Doesn't matter now—anyway,
I'm here willingly, at you beckon call
you see—I knew I was coming, too.

Couldn't wait to say Hello
kiss your lips and have a short rump
in-between the sheets of a welcome home.

Whether I stay or not, is completely up to you
or the fitting angles of our ways,
no sense trying to fit a round pole in a square box…

and I need stimulation constantly
be it books, art, music,
or the pleasure of release—in clouds of white.

This being our second chance to try again and make it work
or refining it-if you will—at the expense of truth—NO!

But openness to reveal some of our deepest dreams and intermingle body parts into a state of pure euphoria.

If you concur, we can start most anytime—immediately?

Slow at first… so that we don't get in each other's way
leaving some space flowing in between
the kiss and the embrace—calling out love's laughter
and tears if necessary and

dare I ask

will you subscribe to a life time contract?

I'll willingly submit and sign.

Friday, May 18, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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