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How did I come to know—
these lonely feeling
that I thought that only others felt?

I woke you to the morning
of this warm and glorious winter's day

to see the coming of the sunrise

I sometimes look past the sea
toward countries whose names
are still unknown to me…

I can still hear the beating of your heart
when I lay myself to sleep

as if, in your own way

Searching moonward—flowing on the open sea
you caught me by surprise
pointing north, I didn't understand…

I find it hard to figure out
my comings and my goings
as I have no reference points
from where to measure

Your form set out before me at the feast
is a welcome invitation
I surely can't turndown

Don't make me ask you twice—you saw me coming…
Your dreams informed you—yesterday's ago
when you were looking for a face to kiss—ears talk to
and a body to embrace, in your loneliness.

How I wish I had taken the time to truly meet you
anywhere along the way
to understand where you were coming from—

Even in the darkest of December nights
stars brightly shine—in awe of the snow-white owl
hooting his songs of love
bringing in the season "of good will to men".


Candy-canes and ice cream bars
and Christmas trees and Santa
are dreams and wish—near or far
made especially for children.

The wind pushed against the rusty gate
making unsettled the spirits of the night

Come out—come out

Waiting in the afternoon
for a thought to get me started

Locking all the doors and windows

Give me time to think—to travel within my head
where the monsters of my youth have settled down
and the pain of lonely nights transcends the years.

Digging all my life, exploring through creation
for some explanation of which I have yet to fathom

as the world grows still each time I take a thought working it in my own mind's eye and then letting go exchanging it for something else.

Oh Soul!
What wonders have I seen

that in my nakedness

I would be happy
just running my fingers through your hair
but let's face it—any part of you
would satisfy an ecstasy.


Those were the lips
that spoke of an eternity
of sheer delight


Do you remember
how I'd wake you
from your sleep
and as tired as you were

Stan Rodriguez Biography

Born on August 1,1945, in Puerto Rico by God’s design. A lover of life by my desire and an artist by trade. I have enjoyed my days—the good and bad both equally For we must live both… to understand and appreciate the other.)

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How did I come to know—
these lonely feeling
that I thought that only others felt?

I thought I loved you well enough
to keep you—from running
and to what—I know not where?

You were my only dream—
now bubble in the sky of make-believe
somewhere around my only thoughts
of what used to be—the sum of us

How did I come to be alone?
surviving in this empty space
do I still breath?
but barely in my mind

And what will I become
without, the you I love?

I ask—but why?

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Stan Rodriguez Popularity

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