Stan Rodriguez

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Born on August 1,1945, in Puerto Rico by God’s design.
A lover of life by my desire and an artist by trade.

I have enjoyed my days—the good and bad both equally

For we must live both…
to understand and appreciate the other.

Stan Rodriguez Poems


How did I come to know—
these lonely feeling
that I thought that only others felt?

God's Wisdom

I woke you to the morning
of this warm and glorious winter's day

to see the coming of the sunrise

Beneath The Rose

I sometimes look past the sea
toward countries whose names
are still unknown to me…

Words Beyond The Grave

I can still hear the beating of your heart
when I lay myself to sleep

as if, in your own way

Peaceful Shores

Searching moonward—flowing on the open sea
you caught me by surprise
pointing north, I didn't understand…

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