(like A River) Poem by C Note

(like A River)

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Like a river, our love once was;

The banks of which surrendered to the flow

Of a passion our own, intensified

By the vanquishment of fear

That only loneliness can render.

Our love rushed ahead

With the inertia that springs from only lovers young.

Impervious to the reality which was our terrain –

Our love enveloped all else.

Winding, as rivers do,

In time we left our mark upon a fertile earth.

The culmination of a copious existence

Both enamored and disillusioned.

Inevitable abatement came with such surprise.

We glanced towards a shore no longer distant.

Now liable to the gravity of our haste,

Individual pursuits of an abounding ocean

Cut separate paths into a bed exposed.

The current – absent to carry me forward,

Left me pooled short of the estuary.

I imagine you in the vastness of the open sea

Although your tide is pulled by another lover’s moon.

And I remember how our love was like a river.

Vanessa Contreras 12 April 2010

I like this very much. Especially the use of metaphor. Love it! !

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Shanna Conrad 31 March 2010

wow i have felt that way before. i like this poem it's like real and i can relate. (:

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Iron Panda 23™ 24 March 2010

what theodora said :)

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