Like Like Poem by David Knox

Like Like

Who do you like?
No who do you really like?
Stop playing dumb with me, like like, you know what I mean

This isn't how it's supposed to be
This shouldn't happen to me
Why is she always on my mind
Why isn't there one she?
Why is the search to find
The love of my life, why is that my search, why does it consume me?
It is not my job to search
So why do I?
Why do I have feelings for more than one girl
I feel like I'm faithful.....
Am I?
I feel like cheating on the one I like most when I like someone else
What is this? !
Why do I like like her
Why do I like like her too
What is this? !


I feel like a player, but I've never been with even one girl
I feel like a cheater, but there's no one I'm bound to
I feel like a pylon, but I can't even get one girl to like me
I feel dirty, but I haven't done anything
I feel sinful and I am

My lust keeps me awake at night
My lust keeps me awake in sick and horrific kind of way
Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
It's eating away at me
No that's way too passive
No it's more active
I'm.... I let it eat at me
I enjoy it consuming my soul
I enjoy the lust
I enjoy being a pylon

I don't see how I'm supposed to be able to live myself when I'm like
How does anyone love me? ! How do I have friends? !
If I was someone else I wouldn't bother with me
If I were you I'd walk away, I'm just trouble
If I were you I'd walk away I'm not worth it
I think it's best you move on

I'm sorry future wife
If you read this I think I'll cry
Someday I'll face these crimes
Someday I'll answer for all this
I like like
Want to think about something else

David Knox

David Knox

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