Like Tom And Jerry! Poem by Seema Aarella

Like Tom And Jerry!

Rating: 5.0

My brother and I
Are like Tom and Jerry
I am young and silly
He is my big bully!

Together we try to be
He says I irritate him,
And he really annoys me,
Thus starts a verbal volley!

He behaves like a dictator,
Nothing less than Hitler!
His rules, I hate to follow,
To freak out, he won’t allow.

With friends I have lot of fun,
In his presence I act like nun.
Never stops pulling my leg,
Unless I give up and humbly beg.

When TV is on, he owns the remote,
I have to wait until he goes out.
I love movies, soaps and music,
His choice makes me sick!

Cards, carom and chess we play,
All is fair until midway,
At end he cleverly cheats,
I am clueless how he beats!

Pulls my plait, calls me names,
I cry out loud, fed up of his blames,
Mom takes his side, dad defends me
And our quarrel ends finally!

My brother and I like Tom and Jerry
Always fight, but together we love to stay
When a third person interferes
Cunningly we chase him away! ! !

Ashraful Musaddeq 30 May 2009

Sweet and cute work with Tom and Jerry. 10+++

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Risha : Ahmed 11 January 2008

This was really fun and I can relate to it. Loved it and it is going in my favourite poems.

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But accept that u always lost, i miss those carefree days, quarrels, fights, amma, appa, u, rinty, gireppa, tasi, KGF.......: (

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