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A Strange Relation

I burry the thought of writing,
Because I miserably fail to describe
This strange phenomenon
For I feel the pureness of the script

! ...Dont Tell The World! (Sonnet)

This Sonnet is in the popular Petrarchan Form

I behold thy love as beautiful thing,
In my wrecked heart, a pleasure garden,

A Journey

There i stand at the end of highway
Facing the endless bare horizon
That seems to gulp every path and road
Wishing to trace the fortunate means

! ! ...I Knew Not Where Love Was Sold?

I bought some flowers
Lovely bright
With hue and tint
Blended right

Those Flowers

They lie there, on the chipped slab
Where no one sniffs its smell
Its beauty does not rouse a talk
Since the dead can't see and tell

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Raghavendra Nayak 03 July 2014

hi Aarella ji, , , i red some poems, its really nice...keep it up...

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Matt Murphy 05 November 2012

Why do you put exclamation points before al of your poems? ? ?

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 August 2009

My inquisitive memory has detected some powerful wordsmith here, You dear Seema one of them! Thoughtful and mind crunhing words that come out from your genious and endowed entity that in the light of post modern criticism can be interpreted many ways! Move forward And inspire us sincerely sarwar chowdhury

4 7 Reply

Seema is really a talented poet, who inspired me in a way to take up poetry. Hope u share more of ur poems with us

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