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I burry the thought of writing,
Because I miserably fail to describe
This strange phenomenon
For I feel the pureness of the script

This Sonnet is in the popular Petrarchan Form

I behold thy love as beautiful thing,
In my wrecked heart, a pleasure garden,

There i stand at the end of highway
Facing the endless bare horizon
That seems to gulp every path and road
Wishing to trace the fortunate means

I bought some flowers
Lovely bright
With hue and tint
Blended right

His shadow stretches away
Impatiently from him, as
He stood silently facing the
Setting sun on his balcony…

They lie there, on the chipped slab
Where no one sniffs its smell
Its beauty does not rouse a talk
Since the dead can't see and tell

Brought to this earth by people two
Will be laid to rest by four
The two I know and loved them so
I know not the final four.

Feeble sounds of timeless tunes
Flowing from across the dunes
Heard, unheard….in disbelief
I stood there…felt a strange relief

His feelings raced to
The pinnacle of desire
Seeking an urgent intimacy
Of his corporeal requests

Yes, I want to see for myself
The stern madness involved in
Trying the treacherous, which
You had done with your barefeet

I, plead the wind
To describe your touch,
Beg the night,
To reveal your dreams,

For the first time in many days
I decided to bestow myself a gift
Of long and lonely stroll in the
Neighbouring park

Love like dew embellished some orchards
For some a snowy carpet it made
His currents of love rushed seawards
On my palms like rain drops it played

My eyelids flapped like
The wings of a frightened bird
At the sudden intrusion of
The long forgotten past,

In the dim soothing ambience
Of the restaurant, you sat
Across fervently studying
The catalog of my eyes,

I know you as
The winter’s mist
That creeps into my coverlet,
Tenderly shivering my skin,

A bookmark of memory
Guides me again and again
To the same chapter, that reads
Not more than a single word

Do not allow me
To sleep for so long
That my untamed dreams
Outnumber the stars.

the wingless bird
the sky

It hurt me with the pain of
Thousand bee stings, your
Plain thought soaked in the
Jasmine mist of my garden

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B.E graduate in Electronics and communication Engineering.Worked as a lecturer for some time, Later went on to do MTech in VLSI at Jain University, Banglore India, now studying my second Master's Degree in Engineering Technology at University of North Texas, Texas, USA. Enthusiastic towards life and its ways.Trying to view life optimistically, accepting challenges and looking forward to new turns and returns.Compassionate towards all animals except man. Believer of God and Good.Poetry for me is just an outlet to my thoughts.....i feel good when people who read my poems identify themselves in any of the lines. I have brought out my first poems book called 'Letters From the heart' Publisher: leadstart publishing imprint: Virgin Leaf Books To buy: http: // itemCode=9380154011 To review my book: http: // To read my blog: Love SEEMA)

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A Strange Relation

I burry the thought of writing,
Because I miserably fail to describe
This strange phenomenon
For I feel the pureness of the script
Is in the words virgin and unstated
Which I hope you will read in my eyes
When we meet during an auspicious communion

The loud vibrations of vocal chords
And roaring waterfall of speech
Irks the stream of subtle Feelings,
And I prefer not to speak
But convey more than thought and said
Through the soothing comfort of silence
Which I hope you will hear during my extended sighs

Do you know what eyes observe
And perceive does not belong to them
Why then pine for mere sights and scenes,
In the darkness of your secret dream
Won't I appear as an eternal moon?
Flaunting beauty and radiance
That will be savoured by you and you only!

It is strange the way we feel connected
We notice the earth, feel the rain
But can't touch or see the emanating whiff
I am not wrought of soil, you are no rain cloud
But our world is fragrant with nameless smells
About which we both contemplate
Identically In our individual solitudes!

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Raghavendra Nayak 03 July 2014

hi Aarella ji, , , i red some poems, its really nice...keep it up...

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Matt Murphy 05 November 2012

Why do you put exclamation points before al of your poems? ? ?

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 August 2009

My inquisitive memory has detected some powerful wordsmith here, You dear Seema one of them! Thoughtful and mind crunhing words that come out from your genious and endowed entity that in the light of post modern criticism can be interpreted many ways! Move forward And inspire us sincerely sarwar chowdhury

4 7 Reply

Seema is really a talented poet, who inspired me in a way to take up poetry. Hope u share more of ur poems with us

4 7 Reply

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