Lily Of Sacrifice Poem by Leslie Ching

Lily Of Sacrifice

Rating: 4.8

I sit by the creek side
Watching the water sweep by
When a delicate pearly lily
Drifts into my cupped hands.
I pick it up and one soft petal falls to the ground.
Why is it
That everything I touch
Falls apart?
Why is it
That nothing I do
Ever works?
Why is it
That any kind acts I do
Are never thanked
Nor appreciated
Nor repaid in any way?
Why are my sacrifices
All worth nothing to you?
I give you my freedom
My patience
My time
My energy
Yet you think of it as nothing.
Why should I help,
Or care,
Or listen to you?
After all
It all goes down the gutter
In the end…


Nick Lennert 20 August 2011

The Lily of Sacrifice. This poem is another true one. I know I can relate to this one. It's true- no matter how kind you are to people in this society, no one seems to care- and its such a shame. It's real beautiful work though, and the title is great.

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Sameer Ahmed 24 December 2008

A person who sacrifices for others is really a true gallant........but its one of the unfortunate dilemmas of the modern world that people don't acknowledge your sacrifice and that is how it is.........we should also have a to the point approach towards this self-centered world............regards

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 06 December 2008

Commendable work, Leslie. This piece is mellifluous in structure, as it glides as smoothly as a new coin tossed 'coss an icepond....Well Done! ~FjR~ -2008-

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Leslie Ching

Leslie Ching

Toronto, ON, Canada
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