By The Sea Poem by Leslie Ching

By The Sea

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As we drive into the parking lot and pull into a spot,
The seashore park receives us with open arms and a friendly welcoming gesture,
While fresh salty scent of the ocean playfully slips into the car through the open windows
And sprinkles its blessing on our heads, leaving a vague feeling of longing and contentedness in the backseat;

When I step out of the car, a cool breeze wanders by, flicking at the strands of my hair and whispering secrets in my ear,
The sun beams down on me and spreads its warm blanket on the earth,
And the gentle foaming waves spray an invisible magical mist into air.

As I run lightly along the beach,
I can feel gritty grains of sand between my toes,
And the seawater tickling and splashing my ankles;
A flock of indignant squawking seagulls flapping noisily overhead
Disturb my peaceful daytime vigil-

Head tilted back, I look up and squint at tiny dots in the sky-
Multicoloured kites soar on the air currents,
Snapping good-naturedly at each others' tails
While their owners, confined to the ground, direct them to the skies and the heavens;

When the sun had stumbled down to the horizon, its radiance begun to dwindle,
The seagulls had flown,
And the kites taken down-
All that remained was the fresh salty scent of the ocean
And the calming hypnotic lull of the waves.

*Note-The seashore park described in this poem is based on a real one located in Vancouver, Canada. Its name is Stanley Park.

Antonio Liao 22 December 2008

you have made a descriptive poem...seems you give vividly view of you saw....very beautiful to read....nice and wonderful for class for sense of the day...thank you...God bless

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Jerry Hughes 23 December 2008

Excellent word picture Leslie, almost sensual one might say...

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Sebastine Humaemo 23 December 2008

lines are penned in such a beatific way......can feel the real pleasant cool breeze while goin thr your poem.....sebastine...

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Rory Hudson 11 April 2009

I'm impressed. The imagery is powerful and the reader (well, this reader anyway) feels like he is there at the scene. Simple yet evocative.

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Blue Eyes 28 December 2008

nice description, and nice imagery .good job.

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*Trusting You* 25 December 2008

When the sun had stumbled down to the horizon, its radiance begun to dwindle, that is a really cool image. good job. Becca

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Sameer Ahmed 24 December 2008

Very astonishing.....You have made a real good portray of the scene that seems to have touched your wishes....

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Autumn Stoddard 23 December 2008

Very vivid. I could almost feel myself there. Well done with the description.

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Leslie Ching

Leslie Ching

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