Limericks Poem by Thinker Shah


Limericks are poems pithy and punny
Short, terse and always on the money
Some are bawdy and some are neat
The bawdy ones you cannot tweet
And the neat ones are seldom funny!

A country responsible for this blight
Has seen payback not even a slight
Attacked with virus novel
Nincompoop nations grovel
Might, even in this day and age is right!

Over whiskey Vodka rum or beers
I prefer the hot cuppa that cheers
The same job it does
Gives you a good buzz
And keeps you sane between the ears!

Pappu and party acted too clever by half
In Kerala they in public slaughtered a calf
While in Amethi Pappu turned Janeu-dhari
And Pappini dumped jeans and donned a sari
Electorate is now having the final laugh!

Limericks are never third-rate
It takes a true genius to create
Those lovely AABBA style rhymes
And move from mundane confines
Of usual poetry which does stagnate!

We have a country so renegade
Known for deception top-grade
After shortening world's lifespan
Wants to hide where it all began
A spade must be called a spade! #ChineseVirus

A tyrant called Winnie-the-pooh
Tried creating a bio weapon new
His labs were ill-equipped
And the pesky virus skipped
World now calls him Winnie-the-Flu!

I occasionally write limericks for fun
Covering everything under the sun
I try to use poetic power
But my pen is a little sour
And hence not liked by everyone!

A short but really pithy ditty
Named on an Irish Viking city
Handy at a time of crunch
As it packs a solid punch
Limericks are a tool very witty!

Limericks-considered poetry's armpit
Aren't liked by highbrows even a bit
Those who at AABBA fret
Actually do easily forget
That brevity remains the soul of wit!

Monday, June 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: limerick
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