Mughals The Great Poem by Thinker Shah

Mughals The Great

India was wallowing in darkness
And needed an enlightening lord,
From Farghana marched the Mongol
With his band of peaceful Chagtai horde.

To two great souls-Timur and Chengiz
The first Mughal did his ancestry trace
Mission was to teach and reform India
So backward and such a basket case!

Top Mughal was ousted from Samarkand
Even his elder sister he couldn't save
But after all he was a great Morghul
And hence must be considered brave!

From good booze to young boys
He loved life's all pleasurable things
He marched in with the heavy onus
To teach it all to dumb Indian kings!

He taught good food, dressing, culture
And some new monuments he built
In this process if he took care of a few
Where do the historians see his guilt?

His reformer son the second Mughal
However not as much lucky though
The Afghans whipped his backside
He fled to Persia, third Mughal in tow

The unwashed and uncouth Indians
Still needed to be taught and tutored
Persian aid saw second Mughal back
Uncouth challengers were all neutered

On a fateful day the unlucky Mughal
tripped on stairs and took a tumble
Soon he was pushing up the daisies
But teach-India mission didn't crumble

On the unlettered but 'great' 3rd Mughal
Lay onerous duty to teach the unrefined
To teach Music, tax, love, management
Chosen hidden Nine gems were mined

He tried to spread his love universally
His harem had ladies of every type
He did redeem women of all ethnicity
Every religion, every nation, every tribe

Mughal harem knew no boundaries
In its strong and well guarded confines
Lived 300 women 'Great' had married
And about five thousand concubines

Mughal reformation was in full bloom
Recalcitrant irritants were subdued
Malwa, Mewad, Gujarat and Bengal
Nothing did peace juggernaut elude

Fourth guy was a weak wussy Mughal
The peace mission stalled for a while
Too much communion with Roe-Hawkins
Actually cramped the grand Mughal style

Then came his son the fifth Mughal
He was as ineffectual as his dad
Did build a grand cenotaph at Agra
And grieved for his wife really bad

Now comes the austere saint Mughal
Who'd be Audrey Truschke's muse
Peace and tranquility scaled a zenith
None will be able to fill up his shoes!

Though he is called a fratricidal man
Castigated as a wily holy-oath breaker
Actually he loved his brothers too much
And hence made them meet their maker

He fought tedious battles and wars
The Mughal empire was on a roll
He never meant any harm to anyone
The real goal was population control

Sixth Mughal's scions do not matter
Pinnacle of Indian glory was reached
New dress, food, super huge graves
Mission change-India was achieved

Education, Samosas and Taj Mahal
Melons, manners, nice Anarkali dress
They taught us how to count and trade
Mughals were behind our every success.

A new light spread in the dark country
Mighty Mughals did change our fate 
But some Sanghi ungrateful Indians
Don't find such charitable Mughals great!

Great Mughals
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