List Of Books - Xxi Poem by Ramesh T A

List Of Books - Xxi

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List of Books (With Chapters)by Poet T A Ramesh - XXI


115. Unknown Matter
1. Selflessness versus Selfishness!
2. Explore Unknown Matters for Development!
3. Pursuits to Spiritual Bliss!
4. Sans Physical Experience in Passionate Pleasure Spiritual State is Impossible!
5. Union of Man and Woman only Can Bring World Peace!
6. Matter, Energy and Spirit together Activating Everything Everywhere!
7. Only Tension Builds Up!
8. Be Adjustable to Overcome All Difficulties!
9. A Great Boon to Enjoy in Life!
10. Extinction of A Community!
11. Shiva Shakti!
12. Ideas Transform Dreams into Realities!
13. Why We are Born to Suffer?
14. A Paradise Regained!
15. Dreams Go On Till Ideas Turn them into Realities!
16. Nature Mysticism!
17. Do We Enjoy Freedom in Democratic Govt.?
18. The Poetic Mood in Nature!
19. The Other Side of the Moon!
20. Fate of Romance in the Modern World!
21. Deciding about Matter Not Cent Percent Correct!
22. Poetry is Immortal!
23. The Unimaginable Miracle!
24. Promotion of Unity and Peace by Friendship!
25. The Final Winner!
26. Stable Govt. Need of the Hour!
27. Forget Not Gratitude Ever in Life!
28. Friend Only is the Source of Help in World Life!
29. Best Solution Ever is Love and Peace!
30. Real Beauty!
31. Promotion of Love and Peace A Must for Joy!
32. Love is the Source for All!
33. Colour Festival for Unity in Love!
34. An Endless Nondrying River Poetry is Ever!
35. Colourful World Poetry Day!
36. Freedom and Love only in Pastoral Life!
37. Solution for Jigsaw Puzzle by Intuition!
38. Lust and Love Rarer and Rarest!
39. Handful of Knowledge only We know so far!
40. Support of Love for Deserving One Succeeds in Life Battle!
41. Joyful Adventure of Tourist Mood!
42. Mood of Great Ones Creates Miracles Ever!
43. Democracy is Lesser Evil of Governance!
44. To Sail A Ship on a Rough Ocean!
45. The Love Scent of Flower!
46. Change Life Style for the Better!
47. Is Enjoyable Love Life Virtual or Real?
48. Welcome to Chivalrous Knights to Restore Love and Peace!
49. Powerful Poetry!
50. Final Victory is Decisive One!
51. A Captain of Ship Poet of Nature is!
52. Nature, God and Universal Spiritual Energy!
53. Reform Politics Before They Fool All Ever!
54. Individuals are the Back Bone of Democracy!
55. The Magic Spell of Lust or Love!
56. Pollution Reigning Supreme!
57. War and Love are for Peace!
58. Scenes of War are Hot Now!
59. All can be Achieved only by Human Culture!
60. Beware of Old Wine in a New Bottle!

116.The Ideas Striking the Mind
1. End Justifies Means
2. Aids of Love that Makes Life Easy!
3. Lovely Panacea Beauty is!
4. A Captain of Ship!
5. Waste Not Time, But Realize Dreams by Action!
6. A Summer Time to Enjoy!
7. Sorrows into Joy in Verse!
8. Who Will Win in the Election?
9. Turn World of Hell into Heaven!
10. Preparation for Soul's Freedom!
11. The Scent of Red Rose Message!
12. All in Nature do for Love Only!
13. Nature is Friend, Philosopher and Guide!
14. Hell turned into Heaven by Love!
15. Whole Library at Home!
16. Life of Each One is Decided by the Stars Above!
17. Let Truth Shine with the Brilliance of Sun!
18. A Dream of Love in Sleep!
19. The Effect of Love is Unique!
20. Beauty Queens of Love, Beauty and Peace!
21. Extraordinary Dames of Beauty and Courage!
22. A Lonely Person's Plight!
23. Peace Only Can Give Satisfaction in Life!
24. Foresight and Back-sight!
25. Choose the Lesser Evil One!
26. Love to Make this Earth A Paradise!
27. Innovation is Better Than Repetition!
28. It is in People's Hands!
29. What a Junk Man has become!
30. Success of Democracy!
31. The Longing and Doing in Life!
32.Celebration of Earth Day!
33. A Note on Shakespeare's Birthday!
34. Save World and Life for the Better!
35. World is the Laboratory!
36. Each One's Life is in Each One's Hand!
37. Beauty Only Kindles Desire!
38. That Winks Eyes!
39. A Soldier, Lover and Poet in One!
40. Good Feelings Only Help Achieve Remarkable Things!
41. Dreaming is Adventure!
42. Select Nobel Prize for Website Poets too!
43. A Great Expectation of Rain in Summer!
44. Abhor Selfish and Self-Centred Ones!
45. The Sweet Time of Life!
46. Poetry of Modern Time!
47. Hail Peaceful World Workers!
48. A Control of A Noble Indignation!
49. What Rules the World?
50. Greatness and Glory!
51. Liberation to Peace is End!
52. Who is Really Powerful?
53. Cherish Unity to be Joyful Ever!
54. The Time Past is Past!
55. Let the Silent Humanity Wake Up!
56. Let Love to Live…!
57. Friendship by Education Develops Love to Promote World Peace!
58. Promotion of Love and Peace!
59. Upliftment of Humanity to Divinity!
60. The Necessity of Making Oneself Complete in All Respects!

117. The Status of the World
1. Effects of Historical Events in the World!
2. Main Problems of the World!
3. Past Empires of the World!
4. How Long Machines Help Us?
5. One World Order!
6. The Establishment of One World!
7. Materialization of the Great Idea!
8. Feel Love of A Family!
9. A Noble Thing!
10. Restoration of Democracy Main Objective of Election!
11. Beauty of Nature Inspired Poems and Songs Long!
12. Nature, Literature and Life!
13. Classical Literature An Art!
14. Making A Mark in the World!
15.Poetry is Everything!
16.Mother's Love is Supreme in Life!
17. Love the Greatest Power of the World!
18. Elimination of Madness by Unity!
19. The Case of Old Age!
20. Never Pin Hope on Skill Only!
21. Move Knowing Circumstance and Situation for Good!
22. The Singular Pursuit of the Achievers!
23. The Balancing Dance of Love is for Freedom!
24. Achieving Stardom One Day!
25. Can We Excel Nature?
26. Mystical Dance to Enjoy Divine Bliss!
27. Life Destiny of Man and Woman!
28. All Wait for Result!
29. Poetry, Song and Music!
30. Miracle of God or Genius is Lighthouse!
31. Awaken the Guts for Peace in All!
32. Works of Art of Great Personalities!
33. Matters of Eternal Values Sustain ever!
34. Where Can Love and Friendship Flourish?
35. Exit Poll Result Points Out Necessity of Improvement!
36. Exit Poll Result Points Out Necessity of Improvement!
37. The Healing Power of Nature!
38. Real Economic Development!
39. War and Peace as Mirage in the Desert!
40. Life is a Mission!
41. Correct Judgement!
42. Breathe Air of Freedom Ever!
43. Hell, Heaven and Paradise!
44. Suspense, Thrill and Success!
45. Democracy of People's Will!
46. way to Drive Chariot Better!
47. Best Use of Education Makes All Shine!
48. Join Hands to Move Forward!
49. Beauty is Lovely!
50. Wars of Modern World!
51. The Journey of Life in the World!
52. Go Ahead in Joy and Peace!
53. Waiting Business in Democracy of Nation!
54. Meeting Together for Joy!
55. Respect Nature for its Generosity!
56. Nature is Generous both in Love and Wrath!
57. Status Quo of the World Now and Ever!
58. Strange Natural Phenomenon!
59. When Will Utopia of Brave New World Be Created?
60. Diseases Needing to be Dealt with at War Footing!

118. The Ruling Power in the World
1. Power of Words!
2. Language Problem!
3. By Another Chance!
4. Pleasure and joy in Life!
5. For the Good of All!
6. World Cricket Season!
7. The Feeling of God!
8. The Source of Ideas!
9. Nature, Art and Humanism are A Must!
10. The Greatest Power Ruling All Ever!
11. A Song is Born!
12. Military versus Democracy!
13. Cultural Life for Fulfilment!
14. Needed Strong Leaders of Peace Promoters!
15. Achieve Peace towards Liberation!
16. Sure Way to Progress!
17. Universe of Countless Stars!
18. Music is Part of Life!
19. Song for Life is Unique!
20. A Universal Art Dance Is!
21. The Gift of God Within!
22. A Life Journey in the World!
23. Live Natural Life of Man!
24. Man's Development and Advancement!
25. What Rules All?
26. Is Limitation A Boon or Bane in World Life?
27. Man's Struggle with the Malfunctioning Machines!
28. The Possible Ruling Power for World Peace!
29. Symbol of Love Star Rules All Ever!
30. Nature Still Goes On!
31. The Easy Looking Poetry!
32. The Pleasure of Paradise is Eternal!
33. The Power of Love!
34. Prayers and Dreams Will Become Realities!
35. Pay it in the Same Coin Next!
36. The Rosy Personalities of God Men!
37. The Other Side of Nature!
38. When Can All Feel Proud of Development?
39. Poetry is for Modern World Life!
40. Moon or Mars to Settle!
41. Power of Poetry Never Fades!
42. Will Power of Love!
43. Which is Wise - War or Peace?
44. World Peace is within the Reach of All Nations!
45. Bring Peace to World!
46. Who is Honourable and Respectable in the World?
47. Real Freedom Promotes Patriotism!
48. Effects of Kali Yuga!
49. Rise and Fall of Civilization!
50. Love or Lust?(Misleading Socialization in the World!)
51. Status of Modern Life Needing Reforms for the Better!
52. Natural Beauty Eternally Pleases!
53. Clap with Both Hands!
54. The Case of Modernity sans Human Culture!
55.Where Lies the Control?
56. Poetry is Miracle!
57. Romantic Adventurers Extraordinary Heroes are Ever!
58. Stars Control All in the Universe!
59. Who Controls Who?
60. Ruling Power of Love Only Can Make All Love Ever!

119. Exploration for Satisfaction
1. A Status Difference in Nature!
2. Support-Less Adventure and the Result!
3. Adventure is the Spirit of Romantic Exploration!
4. Small or Great, Exploration for Satisfaction Continues!
5. The Secret of Ageless Friends!
6. Ideas to Realize Dreams!
7. No End for Exploration and Creativity!
8. A Negligible Difference between Victory and Defeat!
9. The Spell of Taste!
10. Way to Right Decision Making!
11. Destination and Fulfilment!
12. Poetic Exploration in Literature!
13. Which One to Choose - Beauty of Nature or Lovely Lady?
14. To Have A Smooth Sail on Sea!
15. Never Be Foolish to Destroy Nature!
16. Watch and Create Many Wonders!
17. Creativity by Exploration!
18. Eternal Health Problem!
19. Way to Solve Mystery of Life!
20. Scarcity of Water Despite Surplus of Water!
21. Great Anthologies of Poetry!
22. Useful Spending of Time in Life!
23. Both Heaven and Paradise in One!
24. At Last No Cheese to Share…!
25. As Rain in Summer!
26. Philosophic Exploration Necessary!
27. Real Progress of A Nation!
28. Theory of Everything!
29. Dream of Moon Kindles Cheerful Mood!
30. Philosophy Sans Practicality is Worthless!
31. Real Artist is in Harmony with his Art Ever!
32. The Invisible Master Spirit Behind All Miracles Ever!
33. Peace and Prosperity of the World!
34. Uphold Love for Human Progress and Peace!
35. To Regain the Greatness of Humanity!
36. The End of Terrorist Outfits!
37. Ruthless Punishment for the Terrorists!
38. Plight of Good People!
39. All Credit Goes to Nature!
40. Never Ending Expedition Poetic Exploration Is!
41. Art and Nature to Overcome Man's Helplessness!
42. Do Your Wife Come in Dreams?
43. Special Faculties of Brain!
44. Peace and Happiness Enjoyable Ever!
45.A Confluence with Universal Spirit!
46. What is Real and Permanent?
47. What is Literature?
48. A Boon of No Death!
49. Our Legacy to Humankind!
50. Inner Space and Outer Space to Travel to Explore Universe!
51. History Creators in the World!
52. Exploration of Human Nature Necessary!
53. Dreams of Different Kinds!
54. A New World Order Will Dawn!
55. All Singing Songs with Oum Rhythm!
56. The Craze of Image Maintaining Business!
57. Spiritual Realization to LiberationA Must!
58. Evolution Still Continues by Exploration!
59. Exploration by Meditation is Great!
60. Mystery of Mystics at Top Spiritual State!

120. Love the Eternal Way to Fulfilment
1.Sleep or Wake?
2. Morning has Dawn!
3. Angel like Beings!
4. Love is an Achievement!
5. More Valuable Than Any Treasure Love is in the World!
6. Greatest Purpose of Human Love!
7. Love of Nature is a Greatest Wonder!
8. A Friend is an Envoy!
9. Is True Love Practicable in the Material World?
10. Harish Tactics of Nature Only for Love!
11. Beauty of Nature Propagates Love to All Sure!
12. Irreparable System Need Great Change!
13. Is Natural Love possible by All?
14. Real Lasting Joy and Freedom in Human Life!
15. The Inspired Effect of Love!
16. Love Lives Eternally in All Hearts!
17. Tradition, Modernity and Culture!
18. A Thing of Beauty Made Out of Love Has Demand Forever!
19. One World Ruled by Love!
20. The Truth of Love!
21. Are Conversions and Wars for Love and Peace At All?
22. Love Only Gives Great Opportunity to Achieve All!
23. Is Free Love Possible Ever?
24. Love Only Turns Hell into Paradise!
25. The Guiding Light of Love from the Philosophic Divine!
26. Love of Beautiful Souls True Fulfils Life in Joy Ever!
27. The Melodious Music of Love of the Philosophic Divine!
28. A Natural Fruition of Love Life!
29.A Quantum of Solace!
30. The Spirit of Middle of August!
31. Place of Loving Souls in the World!
32. A Fortune to Live Blissful Life Supported by Love!
33. The Rhythmic Heart of Love Only Brings Joy and Peace!
34. The Scent of Love!
35. A Great Fortune or Miracle to Get the Love of Others!
36. Good Nature is the Basis of Heart of Gold!
37. Interdependence by Love is the Will of God!
38. Love based on Independence for Humanity!
39. Political Independence is A Bird in Hand Worth Two in the Bush!
40. Achievement, Wonder and Miracle Love is Today!
41. Business and Pleasure Alternating with No Pause to Love!
42. Which One Does Give Lasting Health and Bliss?
43. Shed Evil Designs to Embrace Path of Love to Peace!
44. Is There Love in All Walks of Life in the World?
45. Faith on Divine Love Never Goes Waste!
46. The Unique Wonder of Natural Love!
47. Sex Education or Love Education?
48. Two Sides of A Coin World Life Is!
49. Let Us Go On!
50. Love and Wrath of Nature!
51. Celebration of Functions!
52. Who are Senior Citizens?
53. Completeness to be A Human!
54. Evolution by Love for Human to Divine Hood!
55. The Panacea of Love Solves All Illnesses of Mankind!
56. The Boundless Love of Nature!
57. Love is Eternal from Birth to Death!
58. The Great Truth of Love!
59. Nature is the Last Resort!
60. Magnanimous Love of Philosophic God!

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