Little Girl Looking Through The ‘glass’ Poem by Katherine Graven

Little Girl Looking Through The ‘glass’

“Dedicated to all my sisters”

Debbie, Crystal, Darla, Edie
“Sisters… the love that will forever be the golden thread that binds us together”

Little girl looking through the ‘Glass’
Only the image of her face to glimpse into her past
With only ghostly shadows of life’s pain being sown
To send her into a life that is yet to unfold

For her family was broken by the selfishness of her mother
And she was taken away and separated from the others
She was to be kept a secret and never to be found
For the others were forgotten and now nowhere around

She was so young and everyone knew
That she would never remember… her biological past was through
For they changed her last name and took away her past
Knowing one day she would never know to ask

But fate is what took control of her life with reason
As she was staring into the ‘Glass’ and innocents she was seeing
Her name was spoken out loud with wondering calm question
By a meek voice who seemed to know her child like reflection

She turn to walk away but she could not change direction
To try and hide from the bitter truth of this strange connection
For the face is somewhat familiar as she stared into the eyes
Her name again being whispered in a questioned surprise

She walks slowly in a circle while her mind was reeling
The stranger walks the same path with the look of unveiling
They stand staring across the counter of ‘Glass’ as if they knew
Then with the ears of a child she hears … “Is that you”

She opens her lips to speak but finds one word to replace
The name of someone distant she speaks with some restraint
For several years had gone by since her family had said broken good-byes
Now she has no idea who this stranger is and why

For this is I, a little girl with no memory’s of the past
In a moment of recollection met up with my past a last
For the stranger was not a stranger who was there to do me harm
She was a lost little girl who recognized her missing baby sister as she took me in her arms.

Written by
Katherine Kay Graven
August nineteen two thousand six

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