God’s Black Angel Poem by Katherine Graven

God’s Black Angel

Rating: 5.0

Holy Spirit flows in the mist of mortal life
Prayers sent, to the Father, for strangers in strife
Laying of the hands on wounded shattered souls
Never taking any credit or allowing anyone to know

For he is one who so few will think to suspect
Who was sent to warn and, with spiritual wisdom, try to protect
Sent by the Holy Ghost, the Black Angel is on patrol
One of God’s Guardians for all who may loose their virtuous soul

The wisdom he carries is beyond his young years
God’s precious advice is what he wants everyone to hear
Never making judgments only stating the truth
Leaving all others to wonder just how he knew

He sees expressions of pain within untrusting eyes
And how Satan has filled their souls with lies
Warning God’s gift of freewill is the downfall of all mankind
When allowing hell’s temptations to be their earthly body’s guide

He takes in an account of knowing the blind truth
He foretells many things that could destroy the grace in you
Piercing your soul’s conscious like a double edged sword
Warning what could happen if God’s advice is ignored

For I have seen God’s Black Angel dressed as a moral man
Praying for souls to know the difference and to understand
Speaking of how freewill in life is here to teach a long range of lessons
Telling how Satan could take control of your soul
Forever stripping you of your Heavenly blessings

Now that I have spoken of an Angel such as he
For now I know the Black Angel God did send to me
For when it came time for the Black Angel to pray
I begged him to please not to do it today

For he was going to pray for what I truly wanted in my heart
Even though he warned me that it would tear my world apart
So I do believe this Black Angel spoke a prayer for me
And that was to allow my soul to wake up

From its endless sleep

Written by
Katherine Kay Graven
April twelve two thousand seven

Eddie Roa 19 January 2009

My takeout of this poem is that man has wishes that are potentially injurious to himself and that there is this Black Angel who plays intercessor for these wishes. There are times we find ourselves in a dilemma as to wanting and not wanting.

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