Katherine Kay Graven

Freshman - 786 Points [Autumns Destany] (June 16,1963 / Kentucky)

Katherine Kay Graven Poems

1. Outstretched Hands 10/27/2015
2. Come Out 10/27/2015
3. My Gift 10/27/2015
4. Everything 10/27/2015
5. Nor Well I Ever Be 10/27/2015
6. The Promise Of Spring 10/27/2015
7. Wind Breeze Blowing 10/27/2015
8. Why Do Eyes Not See Me 10/27/2015
9. Who Are We 10/27/2015
10. White Doves Are Soaring Through Angel Tears Tonight 10/27/2015
11. What Would I Have Said 10/27/2015
12. Vines Of Love 10/27/2015
13. Venerability 10/27/2015
14. Understanding With No Reasoning 10/27/2015
15. Time Passes 10/27/2015
16. Cold Callused Man 10/27/2015
17. The Window Of Life 10/27/2015
18. Voice 10/27/2015
19. The Snowman 10/27/2015
20. The Branches Of Life 10/27/2015
21. Strangers 10/27/2015
22. Damages 10/27/2015
23. Heaven's Golden Son 10/27/2015
24. Never Will I Forget 10/27/2015
25. Mystical Moment 10/27/2015
26. Lost 10/27/2015
27. Jesus 10/27/2015
28. "I Am" The Christian Constitution 10/27/2015
29. God’s Unexpected Treasures 10/27/2015
30. Forgotten People Of Long Cemetery 10/27/2015
31. Dry Well Of Doubt 10/27/2015
32. Distance 10/27/2015
33. Cream 10/27/2015
34. Bleeding Heart 10/27/2015
35. Because I Loved You 10/27/2015
36. Baby Girl Never Forgotten 10/27/2015
37. Another Life Lesson 10/27/2015
38. Angel’s Home Coming 10/27/2015
39. A Walk Through Time 10/27/2015
40. Loneness Within Shadows 12/4/2015

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Best Poem of Katherine Kay Graven

Momma Knows Best

dedicated to
Clinton and William

There was a time when my son would do
The things that made him cry
He would run into the house
With scraped knees and arms
And say why mommy why

I would look him in his eyes of blue
Then kiss the boo-boo pain away
For he knew
I was going to tell him
the same thing
I told him yesterday

These words of tough love
Come flowing from my lips
I told you so young man
Now dry it up and go outside
and don’t you do it again

With the tenderness of a mother’s touch
I would wipe his tears ...

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The desire of life is becoming pleasantly objectionable
As destiny takes satisfaction and dominates life’s passage
The fear of the unknown drama is mysteriously unfolding
Into a magical realm of an uncertain reality

Life is one of contradictions of uncontrolled fair-tales
Which forever unfolds into the mind’s debates of realness
Only for one to gather faded thoughts of the forgotten
So one can get some understanding of where life is disappearing.

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