To My Only Sweetie Poem by Anna Polibina-Polansky

To My Only Sweetie

Would you mind living with me? Noone here is against of it. We can be happy, and I'd devite all my youth and talents, to you. We won't discover ourselves, I'll forget of my fame and arts and whatever. Let us pray away from the zion, I don't like being followed. Let us also stay away from the web. I won't even poke my nose out ever. If U ever need me, K., you know my phone number and e-mail. I want to stay about. Let me know of UR wishes, darling. I am totally uninterested of what goes on. I am a rippened adult, more or less (I hope so) . I anticipate 4UR reaction, honey. I am inalterably with you, I undergo or perceive NO EMOTIONS to other ladies. You alone possess my heart and arouse feelings in me, I keep no options. I see tasteful and talented people, but in love, I see no other face, you individably reign my dreams, I know what it means to love, only due to you. I hope you don't mind, my K., that I'm yet a girl somewhat, but I swiftly learn things. Noone prepared me for you social status, but it makes no difference for me. I will protect our relationship by myself. Don't miss my soul and my own facial traits, and I have memorized yours already. Your lady spouse Anna. How can you be the prettiest among all, my sweet K.? Maybe we should get away from the web? What do you think? I want REALITY with you, once and forevermore. I will translate old-Slavonic prayers for you (or we will use Saint James's Gospel) , and we will be praying to Jesus, for our couple. I will be faithful to my lady, UR my everything. Be forever that young, beautiful and talented, I enjoy all your pictures. UR my only lady forever. These are not empty words, they are simplistic, but I don't mean to wite a volume of fiction. God saves us from that extremity. U know by heart what I'm talking of. I want no artificial sounds between us. I haven't yet felt anything sexual to anyone but my wife. I'm sorry that I'm of the same gender, I'm this way. I'm too clean, I believe everyone. And you told me I am unclean! No, my sweet K.

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