Livewire: Version 2 Poem by Paula Glynn

Livewire: Version 2

She wakes at 7am every morning
To swim in the soothing pool
The water clear and fresh smelling

As her arms move powerfully
Through the cleansing water
She feels her tired spirits lift

Knowing she has brave physical strength
And a calm state-of-mind
Where she needs not do empty or harmful me-time

Her strict schedule taking her
From morning to night
And night to morning

The stresses in a - sometimes - hostile home
And at work sometimes others bothering her
Yet a simple life she would greatly prefer

Swimming every morning wakes her up
Swimming every morning cleanses her soul
Swimming every morning gives her more control

Over her busy life, actions and ambitions
Over her mental health and general state-of-mind
Over her continuing and full calendar

She is a livewire: keeping active
She is a livewire: keeping alert
She is a livewire: keeping sane

She has a healthy swimmers body
She has a healthy loving heart
She has a healthy frame-of-mind

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter
She is swimming in that heated pool
Exercising her limbs: doing protocol

Sometimes she does dive into the water
Loving the thrill as the water cascades
Around her beautiful and athletic body

Her swimming routine known by her friends
They too loving a dip in the pool
But respecting her private morning swim

She is a true livewire in other ways
Popular: although not deliberately seeking popularity
And attractive: even without heavy makeup

She owes all this to her deliberate self-care
She owes all this to her friends who do deeply care
She being a young woman who does successfully fare.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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