Livewire Poem by Paula Glynn


I go into the deep end of the swimming pool,
Thinking about this and that,
But my thoughts are not on track,
As I feel my arms move me powerfully throught the water,
As I swim away my stresses,
For I am a livewire and all my friends know it,
I feel the water cleanse my skin and leave me fresh,
To start anew and just be me in this life,
For I grow everyday and in all aspects,
I don't need to be constricted and bossed around,
I just need my feet to stay on solid ground,
I need to just be free,
To be whoever I choose to be,
I don't like being told what to do,
And life is all changing,
For life is a puzzle,
That needs its pieces to be fitted back together,
And sometimes people need to stay together,
And need to brave the elements is stormy weather,
And even though I am a livewire,
I have a rock that keeps me grounded in a storm,
And gives me a reality check when I need to break free.

Hit or miss, I let you choose,
I just know what I would do,
For I am a livewire in every sense,
And I know myself best,
I work hard, I try hard,
And burn calories fast,
For I like to think of myself as strong,
And I love everyday of my life,
Even though life isn't always easy,
But I am in the Garden of Eden,
Where no snake attempts to trick me,
And I swim the seas,
My arms keeping me balanced,
Above the waves,
And I drown out the voices as I swim,
Telling me to give up and do badly,
I just want to be myself in this life,
And do my best for me,
Even when there is a stormy sea,
For I don't want to sink like a stone:
I want to stay afloat and be me,
And, yes, I do enjoy music,
But mornings spent swimming,
Is a quiet time and a time spent reflecting,
Like the lights shimmering against the pool,
And my body is toned and tight,
And I feel so comfortable and cool,
I am not a loner: I see myself through,
My friends always there for me,
And vice-versa, for they know I am a livewire,
And I talk to them on the telephone,
And we talk about our lives,
And do not give in, we try hard, too,
And when we're feeling blue,
We know who to turn to in trouble,
But we don't live in any bubble,
And I think this as I shampoo my hair,
And as I gaze into the mirror,
I know you know I am always here,
Like the livewire I am and always will be.

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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