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Living In The Land Of War

Flowing mane,
The clash of the arms!
With pride,
A terror,
Violently paws the air! !
Like a locust who has a majestic snort;
With gloats in its strength! !
Living in the land of war,
Where many are shot dead;
Seen lying along the streets.

Friday, June 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,warfare
Unwritten Soul 12 June 2016

Living In the land of war, i doubt there is happiness exist there, i know no smile belong to stay too, and humanity is just a game or a myth...I wish will come a big wave from the breath of loves from other lands to cure the darkness of this place...Oh God keep Humanity alives again here and everywhere.....

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Susan Williams 11 June 2016

When will mankind ever try to resolve its differences by intelligent means? Pick up the oldest books ever written- they all recount the wars ravaging their countries. I swear that a butterfly has more IQ than a man. Your poem is a start on the road to peace. Thank you.

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war and aftermath is horrible plight and sight, well depicted.

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