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dear friends,
i am proprietor of global learning academy, for international training and competitive training. hope a budding poet, could be encouraged by one all, and its a small step to make my dream come true as a writer, poet etc.

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The World Is Passing

Tears Are Rhythms Of The Soul And Heart

You can read a woman's heart
Through her diligent eyes....
Tears speak eloquently;
Her grief stricken heart,


Oh! little stars..
Are you waiting for DAWN?
I am also like you...longing for DAWN!
When it dawns...

Balance Sheet Of Life.

In the precious balance sheet of life
We have our character as the capital
And our wisdom as the investments
We enter our feelings and thoughts


That draws us lovingly
That was at first sight
That gave longings
That is so calm and strong

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12 May 2016

Remove the veil of ego If you want to forego

12 May 2016

Loneliness is not to grumble or brood Time you have to assess and access the self

12 May 2016

Accept everything thrown at you You give the best of the worst given to you

12 May 2016

Give, not to give, but to get The real happiness, give selflessly.

13 May 2016

Birth chained and locked The link is unlocked by death

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Unnikrishnan E S 20 October 2016

Saraswathy is one poet I love to read again and again. She is a prolific writer, but has a very serious pen which exudes positivity. She looks at life with enthusiasm and expectation and faces it boldly and philosophically. Her positive energy transits itself to her poems and inhibits the reader. I come back to her poems whenever melancholy feelings grip me and my day is made. May Devi Saraswathy bless her with more poems, more write that enrich the world of written words! And May her works get published for the benefit of all. They deserve all the open skies, and should not be confined to ph.

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Sekharan Pookkat 02 April 2016

you are a positive writer with full of energy, hope and passion for love

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V.m.saraswathy Munuswamy 16 February 2016

grateful for the timely comments, keep sending, so that i could learn

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