Lock'Em Up And Throw Away The Key Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

Lock'Em Up And Throw Away The Key

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Time growing up as youth
I didn't know what to do
but sell rocks(crack cocaine)
and tote my gun
what a book bag
like the old western movies
wild wild west
you know who is the best
Every corner of DC
was an addict
open air market
liquor store for blacks
it wasn't many places
that didn't connect the dots
for your pack(drug of choice)
and head for the shack
to get smack(high, drunk)
I didn't see too many recreational centers
or educational centers for youth in DC
but plenty pf prositutes and hustlers
best politician in DC
for role model to show us
what to do
Making money to get
clothes, cars and hoes
that lead you to jail
also prison
all that you strive for
go out the door
you wear your city blue's
watching hill street blue's
staring at the floor
not knowing whats next
you go to bed
for rest
waitting for the next step
As a juvnile in Cedar knoll
a youth for violent crime
it was a joke(education and rehabilition)
boys and girls
at the youth facility pool
looking for their next stroke(puppy love)
no structure
we run away(escape)
even let back out to DC
judge pretend
they don't know whats going on
they send us(juvniles) out the door
with no hope to serve one time, dope
Before you knew it
I was in Oak hill for M1 (Murder 1 while arm)
doing the same things
that brought me to juvnile hall
for fun (drugs, alcohol, sex, money)
It was the streets
24hrs survilllence
barb-wire fence to keep us(me) in a present state of being
I was sent to a residental facility
triple barb-wire fence Maximum Security
in Colorado
for the most violent juvnile offenders
in US and DC
only there
I got a GED
nothing else
once again I was let free
Being Locked up as an adult
for violent crimes
I was sent to DC Jail
then to Lorton reformatory
to do my bid(time)
the streets it was
you smell drugs and death
when you hit the front door
it's no remorse
you get your man
or he get you
(stab, lock in the sock, soap too or gang jump)
no where to run
no where to hide
which one you pick(protective custody, General Population)
you decide
Closing of lorton
we was sent to private Institutionals
then to Federal prisons
were there was justice (just-us)
better food, education, vocational, commissary etc.
I took advantage of programs
(HVAC, plumbing, general maintenance)
that was offer
degree, certification, certificates to better my present state
only to let go free
back to society
it wasn't no escape
Programs for ex-offenders was no such
we(I) pick up our(my) gun(s)
and smoke (marajuna) dutches
roam DC area looking for our next prey
to mess up(stuck up, sex, money, drugs)
Back in DC
I was out of luck
I state this day in 2008-09
back in DC Jail
my present being
reality hit
juvniles as young as me (15) fifteen
in my face
DC as a whole government fail generations
to keep us youngin straight
no nothing(work, education, play)
Just throw away the key
as they may

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