Teacher Poems: 10 / 500

** The Three Wishes **

Rating: 3.5

Son, what will you do
If you are given three wishes from God?
The teacher stares at the 13 years old student
With a deep sigh
Adam’s tears roll back
His eyes as sharp as a razor blade
Glancing at Mr. Cool
Not a word spoken
He picks up his pen and starts to write
He folds up the written piece
And hand it over to the teacher
One condition applies
The teacher should read it when he got home
Adam is a gifted kid
Born with silver spoon in his mouth
The only son in a family of four
Before he goes to bed
With a deep breathe
Mr. Cool reads the note
My first wish
I want to be an orphan
I want to feel the suffering
I want to feel the painstaking
So that when I grow up
I’d know what hardship is
My second wish
I want to be blind
I want to feel the darkness
I want to feel the gloom
I want to feel the beauty of the world
Without looking
I want to feel the agony of the world
Without seeing
My third wish
I want to be the richest man on earth
I want to share my wealth with the poor
I want to help the homeless
The jobless
The education less
The family less
The loveless
If there is any fourth wish
I want the three wishes
Granted to me by God
Mr. Cool’s tears roll back
He goes to sleep
With a smile

Michelle Melody 10 January 2009

A very soppy poem I'm affraid it leaves me cold

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Electronic Griot 10 January 2009

i feel you on this one. EXCELLENT! (Been there too ;)

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Elbert Matt Loubser 16 December 2008

I like the way this poem swirves away from traditional wishes made by others. The boy is clearly selfless. We would do good to follow his example in the way we think and act.

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David E. Patton 13 December 2008

you are a gifted poet who can write outside of the box through you poetry one can this

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Naidz Ladia 09 December 2008

this poem touches my heart..words are well selected and well defined.. ......If i will be the child, HOW WOULD I BE?

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Ashish Goyal 15 August 2009

nice three wishes for the feelings and have a heart for others.

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Ted M 27 July 2009

An excellent poem, though just a wish.

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wise beautiful poem..excellent writing..

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Subroto Chatterjee 13 June 2009

Sweet dreams. Cheers. Subroto

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Allan Macli Borges 10 February 2009

profound and sharp ideas, flowing in little verses that catch us till the end - a beautiful end indeed - you are really gifted. one more 10.

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