Logographic Superior (Siafu Style As Usual) Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Logographic Superior (Siafu Style As Usual)

so why chip testing commence on a small level
logo sketching goes down
plus sunset already passed
meaning I got no business to earn money
no networking back in the incorporated real property areas
where crimes make more money under criminology
referees and corporate mechants
high price salespersons on retainer
the brokers on many books
alot of uneducated homeboyz ain't overstanding they lifestyle which ain't ah must
bubbling by any means necessary legitimately on beam within the Soul be my hometeam
batting on the average dropping seeds into the ground
now new seedlings arising to be found
playing for keeps minor league key Sound
educating to the depth
across the package potato chip bag film cut to specifications before enclosed
sealed and shipped to the stores
where my stand stands alone advertised and marketed I'm on One
mashing confusion
Confucius fused Invisibility on
ahone ahone of my four pillars
as the question surveying within the mindsets of cloudiness clears when i blow away
the clearance
opening dat door
i comes in micro
while as the macro in they physical across they opticals
eardrums bee listening
images formulated my powerpoint presentation
str8 never ignorant getting goals accomplished backed by the local demographic
and they don't wanna see me
they wanna see my product dat brings on lessons of dem pictures out the pane fabricated proudly
the krown
and don't wonder how
so much pain dumping buried peacefully maintaining coming up royally without ah vengeance
respecting on sight
campaigning my gain to the fullest
and they got it received into their short term memory
booted up from they bios
retrieving the same logo
I'm flashin'
so many layers to get a million
so the backburner agenda to construct an Indigenous Orphanage self supported incoming they monies individually straight into each indigenous cultured aspirant trust fund account
enabling every naja to slide prestigiously upon they rock absorbing sunshine sewn solar profound
keeping heated cause no slack be in they posture....

Friday, June 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: real life,real success
i be feeling this Cherokee Akan Ewe body own DNA powers....
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