Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Logos Mythos - Poem by Daniel Reurink

Dance like the night's storm that comes upon us

Tragic it flows, from the desert snows

It sifts through the course of time

Throughout all the sublime

Thoughts on the crime?
Did the apple, fall down, or did the cloud, rain it around?

Or did gravity bend sound, to a thing in itself; profound!
That things could dub, common-folk!

Like a stroke, a victimhood, from the netherwoods

So as we dance to the flames, dust, on dust is our set frame

Like the elements we combine, to a song, a musing

That frames the poetical design

It is like a raging bull, look at the symbol

To us it is death, to them it is Ares!

Like red shot eyes, death to taverns born alive!

To the pillar, to the plunge, to the spike undone!

In spear takes it place, around a dervish mistake!

Like a soul looking for it's own lake!

Spinning webs, capturing relates,

The blood paralyzing intakes!

As the next in chain of command, the program

Has it's orders, a digital unit hologram

Above sphere's fly beyond astra

Shoot when Set, for the bend, the bow kills!

Powerful force indeed, like warriorship telepathy

From the realm were songs ignite, in the realm,

Under the knife, so such swords play, dancing

Fundamental plays, like spirits invoked, Taliesin!

Archism funded by nothingness ways

Light KA! Spirit illuminates

Praise it ways, for spherical it plays

Upon us daily, feeding itselves compania

As Chaos rules, so such do lines relay

That this song of dance, typical substance

Funded by the logos testament

To which were the sounds components

Delegate access to the place unfurled

Like a twisting nether, the gravity spins

And takes it run, along it turns along it winds

Like the drifting mirage

Gods and Heaven, tis a state

Were the realms of love forsakes

Neh is forgiven, nor is forgotten

All is together, never distraught

Harmony invokes, lightning flashes

A whole universe, dances

Tis a spell, than a thought intervene

What could this, current seam?

Other than Lightning Beams!

Space between, the realms and betwixt

We are alive in the Current Styx

Deep wounds flag the Cerebus,

But does Tartarus?

Hold Kronos, or does Shiva Eat?

Honey pollen Treats? Like a Bee

To be, is the sting, for feelings

Come and pass, to and fro

Marigolds, beautifully fold

But as desert shores, shift, unfolding

Unwinding the sand, drifting into currents unplanned

Unexplored temples, like frictions own mouthed ample

Rotundo, to speak cacophonous castes

To bring, to sing, to wing, to swing to divniiti

Ad infinitum, deus ex machina

Automatons, feel ya?

Terminators, batteries coded

With downloads

Of consciousness field

Yield or unyield

Shores dust out of the eyes, crystalised

Like the shores upon, pressurized systems

They come and go, cluster as One

Sirian An, until day is Sums

Atoned, liberty sum, all is everlight

Eternity is all music in one verse

But as chaos swirls, the tone undercuts

And brings in the fold, the blight untouched

It is ancient, olden but new, refreshing alive

Coded and true

Liberty speaks around, hub and spoke

To all compounds

From within, a thing in itself

A founded Health

Medicate Yourself

To know thyself, is the law

Give as thou wilt, upload the claw

Do not falter, will thine done

On Earth tis Heaven

Our wills are One

To be, to awe, the mystery

Coded inside, your infinity

Slowly, we now enter within

Dark hallways, faces of sin

Temporal skin, unfolding kin

Like rifts beyond, sight, visioning

I see the orbs, they counteract

Testament, to the current track

They are here, they are there

Like clouds of motes, in the eye

Out clouding all, never wish alive

To be surprised, by this thought

One can see all, If all can see naught!

To be open, to the sands coming in

Like mineral thoughts holographic

In between the immediate space

Like testimony beyond the race

To see inside, the formless guise

To face the death, unliving dies

To be in death dance thyne will

In initial force field stills

The lake ever holds

Our soul, spinning

Golden Bowls

River Spoons
Silver Forks

All runnig down
From the North

Like temples rock

On castles

That tower above

Every Clock

Time destroys all things

Eats away at human beings

Eats alive the sands and crust

Tis alone, we live and trust!

To be one with all

To stand tall, like the future's call

To be alive, to soak in the Earth

For all it's Worth

Shine like the Sun


Light spoke a flicker

Tis a branch

See throug substance

Here we go, pass around

Tis the end, the sands unwind

Fall back down, with the ground

To resume form, let it pass

Now take your turn it's poet class

Topic(s) of this poem: words

Form: Imagery

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