Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

May - Poem by Daniel Reurink

As the Sun shines silently in rays
days on May, buds on flowers play
and as daffodils abundantly sing free
the breeze moves photosynthesizing
accordingly, the silent chirp; mysteriously
hollows me, frees sensitizing
all elementary particle's of me
like roots reaching for water
as rapid and smoothing; a streaming otter
reaching for the sky, a'found another
the Aether sings Zephyr's brother
Apollo dances like a Falcon along
various hymns of divinities song
per; chance, I say; let's start anew
this is now blank verse through.

Hello, it's me, I'm free, O No;
can't keep going in this heart's show
it flows and glows and gives and lives
and shifts the gifts of lights abyss
the radical axon of light ensues
that all must be seen as fibres
each filament expresses a wave
and saves like a current grave
yet darkness is first, then the light
Aye, my brothers, that is our sight
but first, we where in the depths of chasm
grasping for breaths, life's orgasm
as to be; free; innocent
it's like a Tabula Rasa that is always in allurement
like a time ticking as a bomb
only one button to awake; Alarm
that sets in Motion a current lineage
plan's like a Celtic congruence
books like a delusional amusement
being set notion like forces
divorces and future hymns of courses
yet each Nation will fall
government's crumble
people kill, suicide, chemicals, stumbles
cities burned, sea's churning
of oil, degrade, garbage, acid rain
that will first kill them; then us
our food is already harming
all chemicals to sustain
making our receptors insane
reprogramming our game, to the communist capitalist campaign
Why not let us be new?
Free, walk, share, create?
No borders, no lands, only mates
that shore, explore, expand, expound
to new border's of sky's profound
around the sound, that comes in slow
yet sometimes, I'm right on flow
others, I'm out, about, I shout
farces, satyrs, only common doubt
Yet this love I suffer
is time's prison
can't you see light refracts in prisms
a rainbow border to the other side
now be your own plan, and abide
in self, love, trust and patience

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