Lonely In The Face Of Strangers Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

Lonely In The Face Of Strangers

No matter what I do
its never good enough
no matter how hard I try
i'll never succeed
This world is a cold dark place
with people that contradicts
your every way
They look at me as though
I don't belong, as though
im some kind of outcast
Maybe its true, maybe I
am an outcast looking in
through thick glass
trying to fit in
trying to belong
What if I am just an
outsider that doesn't belong
put here in the wrong place
and time
because it doesn't feel
like my time
My destiny is long gone
and now I live for nothing
but the strange looks
and loneliness of my soul
waiting for time to finally end
But this is me
Its who I am
so how do I survive
lonely in the face of strangers.

Dougie Fresh 10 July 2012

i really like this one!

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Shihabudheen K J 27 May 2012

Nice expressiveness.we might be very openminded ready to talk with people.but very often we cant find happiness in others company and others make us alone taking us into our own worlds.

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Unwritten Soul 27 May 2012

No matter how they look on you it wont harm you, but the matter is how you look yourself, is it same as other strangers...sitting in life corner we may have different light and shades, go find some spot where you have best light and shades on you...wish u luck_Unwritten Soul

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