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Looming Lunatics And Loathsome Liars

One of the most ancient tricks of any given liar
was to shout fraud to set the bloody house on fire.
Accusing the innocent of setting their fatal traps
though bad intention was their heinous handicap
with a poker face wearing a motley mangled halo
selling a fictitious story with a false innuendo.
Badgering propaganda till you're blue in the face
repeating incessantly while the truth is erased.
Giving the rednecks their red meat on a plate
swallowing it with a gulp acrimonious and irate.
Carrying banners not accepting a charlatan's defeat
ignoring the incitement acting vulgar and indiscreet.
Like a gang of rich hoodlums who hang with the poor
collecting their votes while ruining their demeanor.
Raising fists to their supporters and giggling with glee
selling MAGA red hats at a flea market shopping spree.
A creep of commutation with a tattoo of Nixon
danced to a rap in Orlando avoiding inflictions.
When will come justice for these pigs of corruption
all showing their special brand of complete disruption.
Living in a homemade dungeon infested with rodents
so impervious they will never move for a moment.
Soulless criminals laughing at their base's gullibility
soon the posy is coming proving their culpability.
Only free of foot because of the level of complicity
running through Cruz, Hawley and Johnson's incivility.
All of our freedom thinkers are totally disheartened
with the usage of the executive branch's punkie pardons.
Forgiving his friends and a row of ruthless racketeers
for assisting the brutality of this crummy commandeer.
Looking through a fog for the oncoming looming lunatics
who haunt the evening air like goblins so glum and fanatic.
Their behaviour is suspect with thoughts so unwholesome
uttering their falsehoods conjuring hate so very loathsome.
Hiding under the carpet waiting for the worse to arrive
praying to the angels who will help us indeed survive.
The situation is disconcerting and calls us on high alert.
We hope that our new AG will cease them to subvert.
It pains me for our children and decent loving majority
who respect life and happiness as our first priority.
Seal our fate with compassion holding us in benevolence
delivering the common good and saving us from negligence.
Political ends only benefit a pitifully shrinking minority.
Concentrate better on healing and the riddance of pathology.
Soon the sanctifying days will pick the devils out of traffic
ameliorating our reality turning back ugliness with magic.
Then there will be prophets to stave off these looming lunatics
and we will be boosted beautified with hallowed charismatics.
Then the gorgeousness will blossom and soon surely transpires
the extinction of evil and the eradication of these loathsome liars.
Sunday, February 28, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: political humor

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