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Lord Of Carnage - Poem by Mohamed Amer

Rise from two blood rivers
Rivers use to be so blue

Standing on a mountain of bodies
Bodies that used to step on you

Serpent Tongue, Vicious eyes …
You are a body of lies

Stealing happiness from others
You enjoy their cries

Calling by not existing faith
To have a license to kill

Calling by not existing faith
For higher ascensions, for sick will

Calling by not existing faith
To enslave people, and show them hell

In this amazing existence
You're no more than a large insect
You torture people to gain their respect

Respect is earned not usurped
But fantasies could be a torment

You see with blind eyes
That if you see at all! !
No compromise, Kill'em all

Don't you know that every nation will fall
And they shall rise?

Don't you know, you made us suffer enough?
And we shall judge your vice

Hideous beast
You draw pain on people face

What comes around goes around
In time, you'll hike in disgrace

A Fanatic
To no side, but his own

Under you fragile throne

A heart of cold stone

You made people mourn

You hold a sword of religion that doesn't exist
You call for unheard justice with iron fist
You walk to the unknown and inevitable mist
You are no savior, no angel, and no prophet

Pitiful, Sick and twisted mentality
Dismal, fool beyond insanity
Spiteful, swollen with his servility
Parasite, scornful identity

Sun, fell behind the sea
Crown, Broke with shame obduracy
Soul, Cursed with dim agony
Mind, brought us sheer calamity

To be or not to be
It's between you and me
I will be free
Behold my fathers' legacy
Kneel to my ferocity
You'll be judged guilty
Verdict without mercy
You will serve your penalty
With endless agony,
Those who believed your heresy
Fake faith and deceptive reality
Shall fall, and test your misery
I shall send your ashes to the sea
When you are unknown history
When you and your fantasy
Become pages in lethargy

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 20, 2012

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