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The Chronicles Of Cain - Poem by Mohamed Amer


As emptiness was the fragile sky of the world
And the clouds used to be the shade
No death no pain, no men horde
My brethren with mattock, and I with blade

As he harvested the land and I shepherded
We ran endlessly with desultory
But this is not how the story ended
As we were the only progeny

With injustice he was venerated
I was set to a pitiful lethargy
An epitome of two he ascended
And I became flagitious allegory

For sordid reason I was rejected
And he was the chosen ancestry
With a dagger in my hand I pelted
As he embraced my stabs willingly

He to his god with smile faded
My sin is his death and our exigency
Thus his martyrdom was needed
And my anathema urged esoterically

Cast away I roamed and discredited
And not my offspring blamed me
Among all the sin they committed
I am still the greatest iniquity
On my brothers grave, the rose wilted
And I stand their crying my eulogy


Transylvan ian in rented cape - nether shadowless bower
With three legged-dogmate, steal sky - the widower
Verdant grass meadow, awaits the tempest
A solo tombstone, scarecrow on the burial summit
Geranium amiable robin prattles elegy
Screeches a blithe crescendo of a Veery
Both spin, rise, fall, fly, play, dance, veer freely
Lo! their jarring melody.
Whilst timorous of aught out to be
Lying six feet - gray-haired damsel - under rootless tree
As she happily like a poorwill, carelessly sleeps
Like autumn leaves, dried and fallen he weeps
Amply dried the calamus - pens thus felt
Adorn the rift per claret
A skirmish of words, clots and scrabbles of dement
Quaver'd lament
Inmost vetust torment
Rain hast washed the avaricious smog - empty epitaph
Disown her ostentatious visitation - seclusion cenotaph
Bare thuds of sole
Imbued succour'd soul
Alas! Hast thou no heart at all?
Mourn'd 'neath Jamshid sol
Marriage is a mistake so does love
In field of raven, sought a dove
Convinced to find he amid the black a white sage
‘neath shales for the promise of Leotho we rummage
So much guile - Blest! ! the truth is maim'd
Alas! thence life and love are shap'd
Dreary quoth warbles haply
Effulgent deceit of dolor staunch'd inly
Seething natal speck - recedes endemic need
Hark languid romance - baneful mead
Of the Ilk my desire
Like out of reach dancer


Tears from above - infancy and argentine
Woven rain drops over woolen roofs - music divine
'Twas Daf, Saz rings with Qanun, all entwine
I quaff the philter'd wine

And thou cavort like Arabian of yore
Ye not deplore,
And I shalt not demur

Prithee, show the golden anklet and let off the dress
Sleek the ravenous hair and auburn tress
Cullinan diamond, uncut of thy effeminateness

Motif limbs, ye sweat, alluring me
Like diamond petals o'er Arabian beauty
Lecherous thou art to my fantasy

Dote me while Khayyam narrates cordial ode and lay
Bewildered by Persian fiddled Ud and sorrowful Ney
Oriental thy moves, aggressive and disarray

‘Twill Abu-Nuwas coax his mates
As he fills his cup from Euphrates
And to Kahramana my spirits elates

Whereof my desires, fantasies and needs are fulfilling - contemplation
Such spinning, twirling, bending and curling -omnific creation

Rose's cot and soft beads calling
Too much she ignored me warning
But as she slither like snake
Bare foot firm on earth like quake
Midriff like butter dotted with sweat
Queen of harem, the lustful brunette
Nimble Houri of carousal Berber
The bed is cold she left in murmur
As I can't satisfy, the what I languish
Effete coition, eunuch and his anguish
She left her Bedlah laying there
Left me, then I shall despair


Lass in his lap repose
As agony in my quill grows
Mirth he brought or woe?
Beloved he? And I'm a foe?
On the bed of pleasure plays
With repentance I lost my place
As I carry the burden of my sighs
With her graceful bosoms, fills his eyes
Where even shadow I touch nevermore
Sorer with every touch he goes for
As with grief and pain I pay
Like water, he stream wherever he may
And as I am burning with my own fire
Their scream of joy reach higher
As every spot I cherished before
He indulges his carelessness more
Whilst I smell her Aroma from afar
With every kiss, he draws me a scar
As I lost and said my adieus
I am here, and he with her sleep close
Smile or frown
She is no longer my own!
Wish her happiness
As my own penance
Ghabra'a won over Dahis
He took her to place and time reminisce
As the whole world hates such end
The great story of love to impend
And at the very beginning
The angel came down singing
As with all that he wishes
To the love there is a blemish
Why, is not only a question
Why, is an obsession
Glorious yet fatal mirth
Birth, death and rebirth
As love always ends with a rhyme
Of debonair and erst crime


Water shower falls like rain
To cleanse what the nude body deign
The wife of the oblivious thane
To the tub, her cachet to wane
As the water washes the mirror's disdain
Slippery floor that she chooses to abstain
The wailing sin don't arraign
Menstrual water spurts to the drain
Abuse to her muliebrity they profane
Verbal bruise, not arcane
But heart deprived from all, none humane
We reject what is not mundane
As the whole world so inane
She was given a gift from her swain
To show her sexuality and entertain
As her father watches the other join in refrain
But wearing the veil is preordain
The foolish dogma we should sustain
And even if it is foul we should obtain
As much as it quenches our greed with more gain
Now the world pauses for a minute to ascertain
All feel sorry for the judgment they pertain
And they demand the baron to explain
The truth they seek to detain
Drama they want him to feign
Their pens, typewriters and a story to remain
Happiness they seek they were fain
So truth shall not be in their domain
That's their truth, so plain
That they put themselves to their own chain
To harness themselves from pain
Happiness and Misery, a twain
Now that defiled lived in vain
The world to her memory shall not attain
And those atrocities will happen again
And that poor girl was so wane
She cut that burning vain
Blood stain the floor with bane
And the world head the ignorant urbane
Forsaken she dies, mourned only by Cain
To his niece, cried thrice, leaning on his cane
As he watches centuries of dramaturgy inhumane


Perforat'd and razor cut wrists - passion
Instills the requital ignorance - culmination
Torrential drops forms mirror glass - caution
Dandy with Armani suit -Fame and Fashion
Th'elite hither and thither! Oh brothels and cesspools
Transgress to morbid gods! Revel over thems - fools
Combust their lives, taper blazed penal fire
Where seniors in control and the juniors retire
Flakes! Lo!
You let your ideas go
Ho! Ho!
Perfectness! Attain nigh? Nay!
Henceforth the volcano sends those flakes
Whatever or whenever it may
So forth, the ground it shakes!
Whatever words we missed to say
Whatnot hath cometh not lie it makes
Confounded protagonist amid forsaken coliseum
Obdurate thy scene of unfit axiom
What though except of men
When they proudly fear their ken
Th'utmost fetter'd
Lest it wither'd
A lost shepherd!
And goat supper'd
Torn white shirt, green doublet
Blue pants and red vest, welter'd
Female in men's cloths! Jezebel
All abated ‘neath god's skies,
The feats wilt scorch hell
Forgotten face, all in disguise
Adverse now day brands
Loathing the mind of the wise
Religious people on their stands
Hypocrites, like driving in the Middle East
Changing lanes, with no way defined
Sheikh, Rabbi or a priest
Followed only by the extremist and the blind
Animal slaughter and abuse
Shelter from Tsunami
Know only what on the news
And the rest of the brain is empty
Slaves to warfare and technology
Peace is a musical gathering
Sang by the nobility
Of how the surfs are suffering
Make-ups, high heels and video games
The new modern slavery
Just new clothes for the lords and dames
To suit the new society
The old surfs and the fiefs
Became internet
And while the peps grieves
They buy a new set
Black parasol of gothic masquerade
Parsing an opera in La Scalla
And the majority at the promenade
Lost in requital gala
With their bodice, corsets and black theme
Humanitarian burlesque
With their cheap jeans, hoodies of mainstream
Demonstration grotesque
Hyenas are the crowds for pimps and junkies
Musicians are for who appreciate
Rich are those with no art like monkeys
Hacked or original, a means to dictate
Those who murder, one or multiple of denary
None is better than proletariat
They do all hard work with all sincerity
But credit the marionette
Dogs and cats are now the rate of benevolence
Solitary away from their kin
The act of selfishness is so prevalence
Should be loved, but they are the chagrin
The biggest lies in that play were religion and politics
Praised by most, that echoed in the universe
And even everyone hates them, they became basics
To life since birth, the world rehearse
So pathetic that became melodrama
Harbored to the metaphor of life and love
Those real senses lost in anaphora
Of festered dreams of myriads and thereof
Obvious is the reason of life like crystal clear
Like thespians behind the arras and on the stage
But it is driven by desire and fear
But the audiences don't applaud to those backstage
Farce to those Assyrian, Hun, Arab, Roman or Gaulle
Kill, assault, dominate and horror
Shameless as it is, as long as it's gone none shall appall
History wrote by fanatics or the victor
As the light are off, and the show goes on
All in the stage of life berate
To the old hymns and ballads heed
As for glory they wait
Without action, victory they need
Prophets and philosophers came throughout history
To wake us from what we think remarkable
But the warriors, in their reaping seek glory
No one learned from Cain's parable


And we sail away from the land of the free
Farewell Home
To battle across the raging sea
Through the storm
As one shalt our tether'd spirits in battle
They shalt face Onslaught
Feebly they shalt fall, that'll
Their ranks in fraught
Fetter'd our ships by the sea god
Schemes shalt foil
Carcasses of the dead, the sea shall cod
This god we shall roil
As we step foot on their accursed shore
Vultures preparing for the feasts
Fear reeks to their very core
O! Hungry those flying beasts
To this cause we shall abide
Nameless their lives will be
O! Of this glory we shall not be denied
None shalt flee
Axes and swords, Bodies and Souls
Slicing and chopping, blood and death
Swordsmanship extol
Warriors of heaven and earth
Our men side by side, all kings
All in a line, shook the ground with single roar
Fearless of what this brings
So eager to die like never before
Winter snow falls like dancing petal
From our hammer-like rhythmical pound
Our hearts like our shields, from metal
Forward or no retreat shall be confound
Pagan, heathen or godly hordes
They come through rocky ridge like ants
We shall gain the earthly award
Drink the ale, and singing the glorious chants
They are hurling to us massy and vast
They should know more
The time for death has come at last
This is what we came for
Their doom shall be fast
Their fragile souls soon shall soar
Beheading is our game
And the spume is growing red
Our war spirit aflame
As we fill them with dread
They tremble now as they retreat
And our soul-reaping berserk
To their fortress they flee, accepting defeat
Thus to their grey weakness we perk
Behind their high walls they hide
And with bare hands we catapult
With white flags, for mercy they cried
Painting those flags red, we continue the assault
To the last person they tumble
No women, no infants left behind
Even their building crumble
An example to all mankind
The stairway to pantheon beckons
Solemn and genuine vow
Every god and man shall reckons
Nothing can stop us now
Smoke rises to the violet skies
As the sun sets from afar
Ready to sail the morning ties
Admiring the pulchritudinous scar
Hungry and cold sailing to our wives
The sails stern to the sunset
Hymn to our brother who lost their lives
Singing, as we haven't followed them yet
My father may give me his blessing
As we triumphed with our return
Death is the win, or nothing
We see it hovering, welcoming sign, the Erne
As we arrive at early dawn
We see through the mist, the lonely mount
The sage with his white beard, thereupon
There with wisdom and knowledge surmount
The white tears, of the sage to the enormity
The gods sent their sign and reiterated
That our sage knows the veracity
They were our people we obliterated


Two couldn't copulate rapport
Billions athwart can't coax ardor
The young reject the hoar
Refuse to share mother earth's galore
Human Modus Aperndi

The infant cries a natal dirge
To limpid minds under inane purge
Arrogance and Ignorance in splurge
Till the end till me and my brother merge

Only love is the real reason to be
The love to one another, like palm tree
Generous and no fatuous misanthropy
To find the void in the formation of humanity
Abel's Orenda


Oh if thou knowest Lord Byron
Doomed me thinkest like Juan
But smitten me by siren
O! Sin to thee, I shalt swan

Rose! Deliver me from thy beauteous smile
What hath done thee, Renart!
As my heart doubt the darkness of feminine vile
Guilty I! Milord! Do not set as apart

Me not King, my dearest Guinevere
Arthur hath left to Avalon
As I desire thee with every sorrowful tear
Lord Alfred, my pharisees I con

Why am I not like Cyex embraced by the sea?
Far from all pain, sin and the grey
Why should not she mourn like Alcyone
With my old poems I shalt send her my bouquet

Chaucer! I am ready to pay my pilgrimage
I light my way in the lorn and aphotic night
Char my poetry and my recondite knowledge
Farewell my front hope, a hope that was trite

Bilgamesh, Shan aqba īmuru
Can't I be Utnapishtim, aerie
A hermit from the age of Nippiru
O Moses! Ask thy god for prodigy
To make new Deluge, Can't you?
The first one didn't revoke me
In perpetuum with my rapturous rue


Whom I to tell
Whom I to conclude
Idly I choke
Not me who give staunch counsel
With no sword in my hand
I buried it with my brother
Simple and easy words
Meaningless the line I wrote
Those lines to me
As he was my only haven
Who's god but you
It seems like yestreen
And with silent morrow
Me shepherding
And my brother farming
No dagger in my hand
And no sacrifice
How beautiful that was
How cheerful that was
How halcyon it would have been
I wouldn't have been the fratricide
Saying no elegy with Crotales ringing
No doldrums, no Anthrodynia
Won't perform in Broadway
And the Mythos won't be
I won't say my prelude with no Bodhi

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