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Beyond The Limitations Of Gods - Poem by Mohamed Amer

I tell you, there will forever be
No pain, no gain for free
Trapped in endless circulation
Seek the same pixel, in better resolution
Different story, yet the lesson unlearned
All the enlightenment, yet the truth undiscerned
To set a course, and to consign that way
To oblivion, all in the arch, then we won't astray
We set pretext for more illusions
To tell a lie and jump to conclusions
Everything is a doubt, but the context to heed
Urge our flaws with significant need
To give an exotic definition to our lies
To predict the truth we imagined above the skies
Writing books of apologues from our mind
To make them holy and morally affined
Where a vision of superstition
Made generations in submission
Knock the wood, to kick out the evil
Against our understanding, is the spawn of the devil
Displaced by lives of less subsistence and lucidity
Shared ideas and thoughts of doubtful ambiguity
We are all right and laudable in our allegations
And all your writs are holy, due our proclamations
All the scriptures and recitations are verbatim for human rights
While humanity is not part our hearts
Axioms came from theories we made of our decorum
Make sense or not, we convinced ourselves with void truism
We've crossed beyond the dream of chivalry
Then our might is not enough, so we sought divinity
And we made ourselves the Titans, and created imaginary lands
In the skies or on earth, or beyond the galaxies we comprehend in our minds
We created aerial enemies with their power of total annihilation
And the enemy became me, you, us, and more, more aggravation
We damn you all, as enemy of our creed and peace
We are who rule and you follow, and you fall to your knees
Human instinct, to kill, to steal and to hurt for high ascendancy
Faith, hope, and union, words to their fake liberty
We just need to follow the system, worship their credo
But human instinct, won't accept to be in their inferno
And me and you become rebellions and destroy their system
And we come up with system of the same fable anthem
Different in definitions, but wearing the same infallible disguise
But eventually we all seek that evanescent prize
To be extolled, for the sake of our egoism
And the rest like to play, the ultimate victim
It's just a recognition of the structure of an absolute derision
Adding more intricacy to a plenary simple pidgin
Where things are in circumscription to fabricate what we need
A lie of that we have to chose, a path to have a creed
A creed to make what we think, reasonable
Reasonable to make what doesn't make sense, fallible
To redeem our old mistakes with new one, with desirable facade
To change what we call ideology, more pliable to suit the new god
This vestigial word of something we will never be
A word that describes a world of felicity
Perdition, Heaven, mere definitions
For more and more … but what's more than human determination
Democracy, Federacy, Monarchy, Theocracy and Feudalism
Meritocracy, Anarchy, Parliamentary, Bureaucracy and Communism
In the end, human mind is the ultimate ideology
No matter what we call it, it's all a cacophrenic autonomy
Which pill will you chose, the red or the blue?
Well, it's all colorless in this surrealistic hue
Feelings interpreted from vague citations
Paranoia, Acedia, Insomnia, Schizophrenia, Dysphoria and sublimation
Everything is the same but multidimensional
Every dimension is certain, but skeptical
Our true ideas and feelings so lost in our coercion
When romance became a fairy tale of inception
When the good has no room in the world of deception
And through all the greatness in the world, we see dejection
Half the glass empty or full, is not the final indictment
Good and evil are not the only virtues for the cognitive judgment
The mixture of that complex of whole
The amity and hatred, are just boundaries for us all
Dreams are reality, as reality is a dream of our senses
When we do something in the past to learn the eupraxis
Philosophy are meant to give us answers for questions we asked
Religions are means to reach that answer we urged
Ideologies are the final resolution to make us feel we abide
And all together in that perfected indigenous awareness
Still we are filled with mislead ineptness
We call it life, a life that few see the infinite beauty
And the most, keep exulting of their fake divinity
Surrounded by justifications set by themselves for their own cause
Cause set to be a justification to the misdeeds and flaws
Endeavors and means not yet to be endorsed
But, yet they are still bonds set by us notwithstanding
And through this whole chaos, the world is collapsing
And these greats rules we cling to manifest
Are rules haunted our physical and mental rest
Those gods that have all the power to lead
Chose to be chained and to follow and to heed
Success is not achievable under the roof of those limitations
We seek the system to control, has a mind of its own calculations
The mind that we think we reign
Is the very source of the power we chain
As long as we are in control
As long as we lose it all
The feeling of love, peace, hope and freedom and appreciation
Comes only when we cross beyond the limitations

Comments about Beyond The Limitations Of Gods by Mohamed Amer

  • Ramesh Rai (10/9/2013 10:28:00 PM)

    It is too long without any break. like the creation of god which is also infinitive. good write. keep it up. (Report) Reply

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  • Waheed Khan (12/24/2012 1:28:00 PM)

    long but nice one.. Good effort Mohamed Amer (Report) Reply

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