Lost Poem by Daya Nandan


Lost in an abyss, i can't find my way out
Lost in such heartache, i can't even shout,
Lost in our memories, i cannot get through,
Lost in the past filled with my memories of you,

Lost in my thoughts that scares me to death,
Lost for words, I am quickly losing my breath.
Lost in darkness, i cant see any light,
Lost in my nightmares, i won't be alright,

Lost in the present, i can't find my way.
Lost on my path of love, lost every single day,
Lost in despair, how did this happen to me,
Lost in my mind, i cannot break free,

Lost to your touch, lost to our once joyful love,
Lost in a dark corner, praying to god above,
I am lost on the outside and i am lost within
Lost in sadness that radiates through my outer skin,

Lost in disconsolateness, within melancholy i dwell,
Lost in emotion, my own earthbound hell,
Lost in my pain, all my hopes and dreams have died
Lost in the old thoughts of making you my bride,

Lost to happiness because you are no longer there,
Lost to all forms of hope because you no longer care,
Lost in deep dysphoria, i am holding a knife,
Lost out of existence, i have taken my own life

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,sadness
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