An Old Photograph Poem by Daya Nandan

An Old Photograph

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Within the drawer of a broken home,
Lies an old photograph left alone,
A faded photograph so full of care,
With father and mother with love to share,

And below them an innocent young child,
A priceless day of joy where all theree smiled,
The picture lays crumbled In some drawer of old,
One of their few pictures of a memory of gold,

Memories of the past held both in black and white,
Slowly faded by time with each passing night,
That were only brought to life when given light,
A time in the past when everything was alright,

The parents graves are now overgrown with tears,
The child's face is now overgrown with years,
Caused by a murderer during Gotham’s starless night,
Hence, the child is now Gotham city’s dark knight.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: story
Kelly Kurt 15 September 2015

A nicely written poem, Daya. May I suggest spreading out the posting of poems over a larger time period. With so many posted at once, people don't have the time to read them all while still trying to read other poets. You will not get as many hits on all of your poetry if they appear 10-20 or more at a time. Just a thought. Peace

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Daya Nandan 21 February 2016

thank you

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Liza Sudina 15 September 2015

theree smiled, - means three? very rythmical! good rhymes. tragical. sorry - don't know what Gotham is...

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Daya Nandan 21 February 2016

Gotham is a fictional city in the batman comic books/ movies/ cartoons... this poem is actually about Bruce Wayne (batman)

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