Lot's Second Wife Poem by Raj Dronamraju

Lot's Second Wife

Lot's second wife made sandwiches and lemonade
For unexpected visitors
She turned her head and refused to make eye contact
Staying long enough just to be introduced before retreating to the kitchen

Lot's second wife did not own a cell phone
She asked only the same mechanical questions when her husband came home from work - How was your day, dear?
She didn't really listen to the answers and would have been oblivious if her husband had said something off the wall
Like today my office burned down and today I burned down because the culture drove me to it

Instead, she puts a gift certificate in a box in preparation for a baby shower tomorrow
If events demanded it, she could be mobile with children and belongings prepped and ready
And she would not stare behind her as decadence burned down
And money filled deviants were turned into ash

Lot's second wife was happy because she did not need to know poisonous half-truths
What they told her people need to do in order to define rites of passage and to find themselves
She would never be transformed into a punishment of her own making
When the time came to view obscenity, she put a bag over her head and thought of the future

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: conservatism
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