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I see you, I feel your kisses ,
Your body trembles,
Your lips murmur:
I love you, I want you,
I am yours, I desire you.
Around everything get gloomy.
We illuminate ourselves,
We overflow of love
Only you and me.
Your lips,
Your body,
Everything in you belong to me.
Your smell, your breast,
Everything on me.
You feel, you smile,
You cry.
Your body already is not yours,
Your life and happiness,
Everything is mine and yours.

Te vejo, sinto os teus beijos,
Teu corpo treme,
Teus lábios murmuram:
Amo, te quero,
Sou teu, te desejo.
Tudo em volta escurece.
Nós nos iluminamos,
Transbordamos de amor
Só tu e eu.
Teus lábios,
Teu corpo,
Tudo em ti me pertence.
Teu cheiro, teus seios,
Tudo isto em mim
Tu sentes, sorris,
Tu choras.
O teu corpo já não é teu,
A tua vida, felicidade,
Tudo isto é teu e meu.

Translation: Nelson Francisco de Andrade

rago rago 12 January 2009

you described all tha minute emotions between the lover. always i like to go through the love poems. keep writng.10+++++.......

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Khumoetsile Mhlanga 04 December 2008

Hi Umbelina. thanks for the honesty in your poem - love is to be celebrated. nothing beats knowing that in that moment, every part of you belongs to another to celebrate in a way that is intimate and irrefutable. Wonderful! !

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Lynda Robson 03 December 2008

A sensuous love poem, written with passion, well done, 10 Lynda xx

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Umbelina, What a lovely poem...there is nothing better than a love poem penned first in the heart. 10! Dorothy Alves Holmes A Poet Who Loves......

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