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Hold my hand,
Please, hold it,
I feel lonely, very lonely,
I want a friend hand, confident,

Love And Passion

Love is a breeze
of the dawn caressing our skin,
Passion is a fire
which melts our heart.


I see you, I feel your kisses ,
Your body trembles,
Your lips murmur:
I love you, I want you,


I like to be with myself.
Remembering, dreaming.
To feel your lips.
Your body next to mine

Mound, Mount, Open Pasture

Rain, wind
Sun, moon, starry sky
Difficult to understanding
With its young deer and maned wolf running through

UMBELINA FROTA Linhares Pimenta Bastos Comments

p.a. noushad 31 January 2009

with magical wand of imagination you are creating wonders.

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Peter Stavropoulos 03 December 2008

Hi Umbelina, thanks for directing me to your poems. I like all of them but in particular 'Please'. It reverberated in my mind and lingered long after I had finished reading PoemHunter that day. It was inspiring and a revelation. Best wishes, Panayiotis (Peter) .

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