Love, A Voluptuous Rhapsody Poem by Paul Amrod

Love, A Voluptuous Rhapsody

The caressing of your hair as an enthralling overture
as our fingertips simultaneously fondle themselves
expressing a tenderness so shy and demure.
The butterflies escape as honey drips and melts
our inhibitions as our fervor becomes whole.
The tingling sensation impels sweet palpitations
while our hearts skip a beat as a part of Nature.
Softly proceeding quietly on my toe tips,
I approach your heavenly sensuous lips.
Deeply lost in your eyes and held by your soul
I squeeze you closely in wonder falling under
your spell slowly sinking into your arms.
Then I am overwhelmed by a rhapsodic bliss
reveling your beauty so impossible to resist.
Euphoria beckons me to delicately surrender
to your magnetic charisma and gentle charms.
Captured completely by this bewitching splendor
my resistance has vanished and is quietly dismissed.
Our pulsations magnify, we will never ever go asunder
as our ears are ringing with an urge to render
our strong affinity and abundant devotion.
The passionate innuendos evoke a summer's thunder
striking lightning to bring seduction in motion.
Tantalize me, give me chills up my spine
Hypnotize me, give the key to your world divine
Fascinating are these moments we have chosen
Mystifying my senses to understand only emotion
Hence I am swept away from your pure delight
My true desire has spoken and I have the notion
we are inseparable so I wish to be overnight
tumbling, rumbling and pulling our sheets up tight.
Dynamite is this idea then loving by candlelight
Bluish moon rays are shining into our window
Silver satin is your sweet touch of magic
Rolling under the covers is so ecstatic
You are so subtle with your innuendos
The incredible passion is hidden in secrecy
Waiting to de discovered so aromatic
Your fancy has painted an imagery
which has begun to crescendo.
Good God shed down your mercy
you have captured me with the climatic.
Overbearing is this deafening explosion
as it echoes into the overly dramatic.
Taking a trip to an outer galaxy
whispering with spirits of the enigmatic.
Panting and moaning over the ocean
of the Milky Way lost in fantasy.
Sealing the experience with the sweet twilight
as the lark announces the early dawn.
Soon will shine the tempered sunlight
over our canapé as we gently yawn.
Kissing in remembrance of our ecstasy
as our spirits dangle where they did excite.
Heaven does linger amidst our reverie
carrying us to where we will always unite.
The intermingling was absolutely luxurious
bordering on the limits of infinity.
Insatiable is our longing for the voluptuous
as the epilogue concludes our rhapsody.

Monday, September 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,sensual
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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