Love Being Single Poem by Randy McClave

Love Being Single

I love being single
From all the countless stories I have read,
But, sometimes I just wonder
Where would the other road had led.
Of course I haven't always been single
I have before shared my life,
But, it wasn't the wants that I dreamed about
It brought me only sadness and strife.
So, now I am just a single man
I tour and explore the world all alone,
I have no woman at my side
And never ever do I worry or moan.
I have tried my very best to love
Though you might not even know it not,
I truly am trying my best I can
But, that game of love I was never taught.
I wanted to give up my writing
No longer did I want to dream or try,
No longer could I find inspiration
And then one day she just past me by.
Now as I ponder my own loneliness
I now give the world a wink,
Maybe now I have been all alone long enough
As I ponder and think.
Instead of walking with an empty hand
I now miss having a hand to hold lovingly on to,
In my soul I still miss the feeling of being in love
But, not with me, but with you.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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