Love Lorn Man Poem by Francis Duggan

Love Lorn Man

The sad song a drunk was singing brought to his eyes a tear
As he sat by the bar room counter sipping from his glass of beer
Once more he thought of blond haired Mary with the eyes of hazel brown
The fairest maid that ever walked the streets of his Hometown.

Since the day that she forsook him towards self pity he's inclined
And her beautiful features still haunt his love sick mind
She left him for another when the flowers were in full bloom
And the lark was singing sweetly in the sunny month of June

So few people ever get what they want most in life
And what he wanted most of all was to make her his wife
But the man who took her from him married her in the Spring
In the merry month of April when the joyful song birds sing.

Time will ease his heartache but time will not erase
From his mind the memory of her beautiful face
He may find another who to him will be true
But he could not love her half as much as the love he once knew

He slowly finished off his beer and walked out to the frosty night
The sky was full of twinkling stars, the moon was beaming bright
He walked back to his lodging house and went into his bed
With memories of his erstwhile love still pictured in his head.

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