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now, after a gap of some years,
with your shabby, dried face
one heavenly task is left-

even standing
in the wraith-like
silence of debris,
I think positive

The night was on the horizon.

My friend and I were walking silent
on a complex field

The meandering path,
an endless solitary journey
with countless dreamy hopes.

Leaving me alone
when you fled in that night
without dropping your beret,
i read the untold stories

You've gifted me
a flinty world
of ‘bland' emptiness,

when your heart
is broken into pieces;
not even the slightest


Like a mirage a crazy I sometimes come to the surface from the deepest depth of the ocean, program our environment according to its own choice and start driving the car with an eerie speed & twist; the crest and trough change unpredictably and therefore mesmerize the traffic police!

Then it becomes not easy for us to know which pen is used to write the poem actually! If you explore, you can't defy its effect. For you it's the testing time.

life comes and goes
like a pendulum,
evokes endless curiosity
no one knows


You're like sweet soft breeze of evening summer
always making a kiss on me, but in no way can i


what lies
beyond that fence?

all over,

A short spell of rain
with a silvery hope,
a wavy peep
through the closed door,

apprehended, questioned
i move on cautiously,

the path is probably the narrowest

pain of separation,
an exchange of Love
but, exchange of ‘Some Values'?
is it in the hand of destiny

With a special wish
i came down from the Hill
to connect two poles
some day

in the beach
when i sit alone,
the bluish infinity of the ocean
always becomes

The ghosts of disbelief
are moving in all directions
striking the walls at random
in the dark cloudy night.

the sun is sinking
toward the horizon.
the variety of colors
has painted the old sky.


The programmed top
is gyrating fast
drawing a tortuous path
on the surface of the earth.

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Chandan Dey lives in Bongaon, a small town in West Bengal, India. He graduated from the University of Calcutta and passed MBA in 2010. He is a teacher and a passionate reader and writer of English poetry. Most of his poems make protest against the hackneyed thoughts of human society and view the life in the light of science. His poems have appeared in Vayavya (India) , Liquid Imagination (USA) , Sky Island Journal (USA) and are forthcoming elsewhere. He can be reached at

The Best Poem Of Chandan Dey

The Task To Be Done

now, after a gap of some years,
with your shabby, dried face
one heavenly task is left-

to embrace the flower vase on the table,
to pour water into it,
without touching the flowers, inside....

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The whole universe is just like poetry where a line of event is connected with another meaningfully.

In one sense Death may also be a love as well as beauty like Birth especially when you think of Life in terms of Great Time; if one is entry another exit - both are needed to improve and rectify our work and to continue the eternal existence of Great Life.

It's very hard to invent a pen but very easy to write with the same.

A man with a mission does not think in terms of his own success and failure. He does his work for which he comes to the earth with great patience and persistence; he is so positively directed that he never deviates from his line of work and consequently becomes a true universal worker and a successful man in all directions.

Confession of crime is an action which happens at that special moment when he or she overcomes the dirt of soul.

I am the leader of money, not the follower.

Your whim can destroy everything, yet I think of positive standing in the debris.

Uncertainty is the driving force of our development.

In the absence of uncertainty we cannot relish certainty.

Life problems are like road friction without which a car cannot advance.

It's the strength of imagination that helps us think through reality.

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Chandan Dey Popularity

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